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Following are some general guidelines. These are not written in stone, they are simply recommendations on what we have determined to be the most effective approach to running a “Branch Office”. Our belief is that a “Branch Office” should be run and operated by the Branch Manager. The Branch Manager should have the freedom to make decisions and truly “Run” his/her branch, as long as the decisions are legally and morally sound. The role of the corporate office is to provide administrative assistance (payroll, accounting, HR, phones, labor resources, etc.) and advice upon request to the Branch Manager.

The purpose of the physical office/warehouse is to provide a place to meet with staff, perform interviews and orientations, store supplies, and as a Control Center for the Branch Manager. The computer should be set up to directly connect to the Corporate Office, so that the Branch Manager can access important employee and job information along with forms and other applicable information. The office should be set up to receive incoming calls, but after 3 rings, it will roll to the Corporate office. The Corporate office will take messages and will contact the Branch Manager by e-mail or cell phone (depending upon the urgency) to relay the message. All customer and potential customer calls should be relayed immediately to the Branch Manager’s cell phone, and if the Branch Manager is out of town, relay to second in command.

Eventually, the office may require a secretary/receptionist of it’s own.

Hiring is probably the most critical activity in our company. It is imperative that we hire the right people. The branch manager will be responsible for all hiring for his/her area. The corporate HR manager will provide training and assistance with this for the first 4 months or longer if necessary. The corporate office will also provide assistance with reference checks, criminal background checks and social security verifications.

The Branch manager is responsible for all employee evaluation, discipline, promotion, de-motion activity in his/her area. Terminations should be approved by corporate HR manager.

Unemployment cases, Workman’s comp cases, legal issues will be handled by the corporate HR manager, with the assistance of the Branch Manager. The Branch Manager is responsible for all documentation (Incident Reports, Warning Notices, Evaluations) leading to the case.

Next to hiring, training is the second most critical process in the success of the branch operations. All training responsibilities fall under the Branch Manager. The HR manager will provide training to the Branch Manager on performing Orientations and will assist the Branch Manager in performing orientations for the first four months. The corporate Training Coordinator will train the Branch manager on proper training procedures and will assist with training during the first four months for the Branch Manager.

The third most critical process in the success of the branch operations is Quality Control. The ESS Inspection form is the primary method for quality control. Inspections should be performed daily for one week after an account startup. After the first week, once per week for a month, then at most, once per week, and at least once per month depending on the size of the account and the reliability of the staff.

Every week, it is important for the Area Manager or Supervisor to have one “Focus Account” Inspection. The focus account Inspection uses the same ESS Inspection Form, but is much more detailed and includes checking Job Books, Supply closets, Safety Issues and a very detailed cleaning inspection (This should take at least 20 minutes for a small account and up to 90 minutes for a large building). Focus Account inspections should be performed at every building at least every 6 months.

It is recommended that the Branch Manager perform Account Reviews once or twice per year at every account. This may be more frequent at the beginning of a new contract. It may even be weekly with a large, new customer. The purpose of the Account Review is to meet with the customer and to be assured that we are meeting all the needs of the customer. There is a specific “Account Review” form. It is important to get a feel for the customer contact and how they feel about their service level. It is also an opportunity to sell additional services.

The overall key to quality control is to take care of problems before they get out of control, and when possible, take care of them before the customer even notices. A customer venting complaints can be painful, but what is even worse is a customer that is upset and does not vent their complaints to ESS, they vent them to everyone they know instead.

ESS Clean is expanding to Indianapolis and has an opening for a Branch Manager in the Indianapolis area!

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Screenings: Motor Vehicle, Drug Screen, Criminal Background Check

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