AmeriCorps VISTA- ReStore Development

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

Full-time | Temporary | Contract

AmeriCorpsis a national service organization that offers young adults a way to give back to their communities. Members serve a 12 month term and receive a living stipend, insurance, and an education award at the completion of their service. AmeriCorps members serve in construction, family services, the ReStore, and in various development roles. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento welcomes both local and out of state applicants to apply for the AmeriCorps program.

The ReStore development VISTA will develop, document, and implement plans to increase volunteer, in-kind, and cash resources in the Habitat Greater Sacramento Restore by creating and/or enhancing volunteer programs, marketing plans, business systems, and donation opportunities.


The goals of this position are many:

  • MARKETING AND OUTREACH: Develop, implement, and create documentation around sustainable marketing and outreach strategies to contribute to an increase in unrestricted revenue from increased numbers of store purchases and donations. An increase in unrestricted revenue will enable the affiliate to serve more families and communities. These outreach and marketing strategies will include, but are not excluded to, the creation of a currently non-existent Residential Pick-Up program, as well as supporting the creation of a documented and strategic marketing and outreach strategy.
  • DATA: Create, implement, and document ReStore procedures and policies including ReStore sales and donations data entry procedures and reports (including implementing and migrating the newly acquired POS system and procedures for data entry and reporting), donation procedures and recognition. Acquire data and execute feasibility study regarding opening up a second ReStore or drop-off location.
  • RESTORE TALENT ACQUISITION: Create, implement, and document plan, best practices, procedures and documentation for ReStore volunteer and retention, mission-based onboarding and training, skills building, and cultivating employment and volunteer partners and portals. This will include the creation of a sustainable “ReStore Crew Leader Program”. Increased ReStore volunteer support in terms of creating leadership volunteers, as well as generating large teams to assist ReStore staff will drive up sales and generate more relationships within the corporate community.

Objective one – Exploration

Explore the ReStore volunteer, marketing and donation programs and resources that are currently in place, identifying best practices from other programs. Identify what additional needs the project requires. Document research and communicate findings to the project sponsor to gain further direction to move forward with developing an enhanced ReStore program.

Member activities

  • Research ReStore-specific volunteer best practices, data-driven ReStore practices, and resource development resources from HFHI and other affiliates. Compare findings to current affiliate methods and assess areas of improvement. Look specifically for sustainable methods that would increase the number and retention rate of current volunteers, support a more mission-focused ReStore team, and generate a larger number of donations. Research sources within the community as potential talent (volunteer) partners and identify additional donation opportunities.
  • Research ReStore marketing plans focused on increasing community awareness of ReStore operations. Research promotional opportunities such as local news outlets, influencers, print, media, partner newsletters and member organization channels, and online opportunities.
  • Research store and shopper loyalty programs focused on increasing repeat customers within the stores.
  • Research ReStore Crew Leader Programs and connect with volunteer-run ReStores that utilize leadership volunteers.
  • Familiarize with current POS system, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, ReStore marketing and communications platforms, and current policies and procedures around volunteers, in-kind donations, and ReStore sales.

Objective two – Development

Based on the information gathered, the VISTA member will develop and document an enhanced ReStore volunteer program, as well as marketing and donor plans that will address the needs of the host site.

Member activities

1) Develop a ReStore-specific donor recruitment and recognition plan that increases the amount of repeat donors to the ReStore. Use volunteers to help build the donor directory database of local businesses and community partners that would be ideal donors

2) Develop marketing and outreach strategies/materials designed to increase visibility of the Restore in the community and increase unrestricted revenue as a result of increased purchases and donations. Further develop the current marketing directory database including influencers, media partners, and ambassador partners. Develop plug and play asset materials which are relevant to the various outlets sourced in the marketing directory database.

3) Craft new ReStore donor/volunteer onboarding, and retention program to be in line with standard Habitat Store procedures that have been identified as best practices. Develop database of talent (staff and volunteer) partners.

4) Develop ReStore policies and procedures around data entry, specifically Restore sales and point of sale. Grow the ReStore volunteer donor/shopper loyalty database and polish the procedures around loyalty database and promotion data entry to capture data that can be utilized to analyze and strategize marketing efforts.

Objective three – Implementation and review

Implement the enhanced ReStore volunteer program and marketing and donor plans. Assist the site in testing and evaluating the various parts of the program and plans; revise the program as needed to ensure success.

Member activities

1) Implement and grow Restore specific donor recruitment and recognition plan and store loyalty plan to increase the amount of donors and shoppers in the ReStore. Implement use of the Habitat Store directory database to capture data.

2) Implement marketing and outreach strategies to increase visibility of the ReStore in the community. Implement use of the marketing directory database and use it to distribute marketing asset materials which are relevant to the various marketing ambassador outlets.

3) Implement ReStore donor acquisition outreach plan to increase new donations. Implement use of the ReStore donor directory database of local businesses and community partners that would be ideal donors.

4) In collaboration with ReStore staff, implement new ReStore volunteer recruitment, onboarding, and retention program. Begin to cultivate and solidify relationships with talent (volunteer) partners. Gather feedback and make adjustments as needed.

5) Implement new policies, practices, and procedures surrounding data entry procedures regarding Restore sales, ReStore donation entry, and POS. Implement and migrate POS system. Analyze data and provide reports.

Objective four – Sustainability

Ensure that the ReStore development program is sustainable, continuing at the host site after the completion of the VISTA term by documenting the plan and training staff and volunteers.

Member activities

1) Develop a manual of resources and directions for maintaining the ReStore program in its entirety including volunteer talent recruitment and development, marketing and outreach, data entry and focus, store loyalty, and donor development.

  • Recruit and train volunteers/staff on use of new systems, procedures, etc. and ensure there is a transition plan for ongoing maintenance of systems and support of the program.

Required meetings, trainings and events

  • VISTA Virtual Member Orientation
  • On Site Orientation to local host site
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Habitat Learns “Foundations of Habitat” series
  • Lockton Safety Courses
  • Build-a-Thon (Spring)
  • National Days of Service (MLK Day required, 9/11 Day of Remembrance and AmeriCorps Week encouraged)
  • HFHI Host Site Monitoring Reviews and periodic check-in calls
  • Monthly meeting with HSM (minimum)
  • Bi-weekly meeting with Director of Development and ReStore Director (minimum)
  • Life After AmeriCorps training (LAFTA)
  • HabiTours, Staff meetings, Board meetings and home dedications, as appropriate
  • Annual staff/AmeriCorps team build day
  • Individual and/or group professional development trainings may be available based on AmeriCorps interest, HSM/supervisor recommendation and budget
  • Host Site Events, including Annual Fundraiser (October); Hammy’s (January); partner and donor recognition events, and Third Party Events. Participation in these events will be in line with AmeriCorps program regulations/restrictions.

Experience, knowledge and skills


  • A successful individual in this role will have exceptional time management skills, superior organization aptitudes, have the ability to take initiative, be self-motivated, resourceful, detail-oriented, highly organized and energetic.
  • The right person will work effectively with other employees, volunteers, donors, board members, and the public.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to meet host site’s insurance requirements.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite, especially Word and Excel.
  • Basic understanding of standard social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills


  • Knowledgeable about the mission and activities of Habitat for Humanity
  • Experience with Raiser’s Edge preferred
  • Strong research skills
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of people
  • Experience working as a member of a team
  • Retail experience preferred
  • A second language would be highly desirable, with preferred languages being Spanish or Arabic.
  • Project management experience helpful
  • Marketing experience is highly desirable

Physical requirements

  • Ability to sit at a desk and computer for extended periods of time.
  • About (20) percent of this position requires outreach in the community, including visiting buildings, community locations, and stores for speaking, recruitment, and research activities that may have stairs.

Service site environment

Member will primarily serve in an open-space office and will share the area with other staff or fellow members. Each member will have a desk, computer (with email and Internet access) and a phone for service-related tasks. Shared resources include a printer, copy machine, fax machine as well as office supplies. The ReStore office environment is connected to the ReStore sales floor, so distraction and noise level can be high at various times throughout the day.

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Contract


  • Relevant: 1 year (Preferred)

Contract Length:

  • 1 year

Full Time Opportunity:

  • No

Additional Compensation:

  • Store Discounts

Work Location:

  • One location

Employment Length:

  • Varies