Software/Engineering Internship

Metova, Inc. - Fayetteville, AR

Full-time | InternshipEstimated: $67,000 - $94,000 a year

You want to work with passionate, creative people who love to solve problems. You set expectations and deliver on them weekly, sometimes daily. You deserve to get something more than a paycheck in exchange for all of your hard work. You want to be proud of what you do, and you deserve a team that also wants to create amazing experiences using software.


Anyone can program. What we can't teach is raw intelligence and a personal desire to be great. We want craftspeople who understand their tools, who can learn from one another to advance their craft. You understand that software, programming languages, and operating systems are tools that are designed for specific jobs, and you have no problem with picking up new tools that accomplish what you need. We want your perspectives, your ideas, your intellect. We need you to make the best decision for you and your team.


Everyone at Metova is given the tools and resources they need to succeed at their job. In exchange for a great place to work, we expect you to build amazing software for our customers and amazing talent for us. You will be expected to build a compelling and easy to use interface, ensure its maintainability and ease of use, and suggest ways to improve the look and feel of the application. We are lean, which means we reflect on what we learn and use that new knowledge to quickly make better products. Your job is to keep learning, contribute your knowledge back to the rest of the team, and apply what you learn to make Metova even greater.


Our Engineering team gets the chance to work with clients ranging from new startups to large companies that your friends and family have heard of.

The Metova internship program is a great learning experience for students from a variety of backgrounds. You are paired up with a dedicated mentor who is committed to your success. You can expect to have ownership of your project and contribute to others, collaborate with full-time engineers and receive consistent and helpful feedback. Our goal is to provide a robust learning experience, help you connect with new friends and build the foundation of a strong professional network.


We offer many different types of roles and teams that you can have an impact on. Here are some of the things you might do:

  • Mobile Engineering - You'll get a chance to work with real companies on their products, and have the ability to switch between products and companies to get a feel for what you enjoy working on best. As a Mobile Engineering intern, you can expect to work with Java and Kotlin on Android, and Objective C and Swift on iOS.
  • Web Engineer - You'll work on the backend services that drive our customers' businesses, as well as front-end webpages that are seen by our customers' users. Whether it's a full-stack developer that focuses on both, an API developer that focuses on the logic and connections, or a frontend developer that focuses on building a beautiful and efficient design.
  • Infrastructure Engineering / DevOps - This team functions to enable our other teams to build fast and test well. From ensuring that the startups we work with can scale to millions of users to allowing automated tests to run on physical devices for our mobile team, you'll work on software and systems that span our entire organization.

  • Computer Science Degree or related area of study. Seeking students that are currently pursuing a Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D (graduating on or after Dec 2020)
  • Availability to work 20 hours a week in our Fayetteville office between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

  • Independent work on personal projects of interest
  • Self directed learning and a passion for technology
  • Previous part-time, internship, Co-op or full time work experience

Metova's work environment promotes a unique culture of teamwork, creativity and personal development that has attracted leading engineering, strategy and design talent.

Learn more about our company culture and meet a Metovian here:

Metova, Inc. is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

Metova participates in E-Verify to confirm work authorization.