Dishwasher- Stat's Brewpub

STATS - Atlanta, GA3.8

Part-timeEstimated: $16,000 - $23,000 a year
Position Summary: The Dishwasher is an entry-level position that provides important support to restaurant staff while offering fundamental training and experience to the employee. The dishwasher maintains high standards for cleanliness by washing tableware, kitchen items and performing other cleaning tasks as assigned. Dishwashers store all dishes properly to maintain a, organized, functional workspace.

Reports to: Sous Chef

Job Tasks

Clean all dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and pans, serving items and equipment as per the approved sanitation and food safe guidelines.
Operate the dishwasher and check all items for cleanliness.
Store all clean dishes in the appropriate areas.
Maintain all dishwashing and other cleaning equipment.
Maintain a clean and safe environment around the dishwashing area.
Load or unload food and supplies.
Clean the garbage area; and sort and remove trash.
Assist with food preparation when required.
Prepare trays and banquet accessories.
Sweep and mop floors.

Main Responsibilities, Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Performing General Physical Activities: Must stand for long periods of time and multi-task in a fast- paced environment while performing physical activities that require moderate strength including climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, and handling of materials. The dishwasher must be able to perform tasks safely in an environment is often wet. Must exert well-paced mobility for periods of up to four hours in length. Must have the ability to lift pots, pans, etc. weighing up to 40 pounds and must possess finger dexterity to use small tools adeptly. Must follow instructions carefully.

Communication: The dishwasher must communicate in a professional manner with guests, coworkers and management. The dishwasher must also be able to understand instructions, read written company memorandums and communicate when he or she needs more direction.

Interpersonal Relationships: Dishwashers must adapt to different personalities of guests and coworkers without losing focus. Extreme familiarity or conflicts with coworkers often weaken a team-oriented work environment.

Problem Solving: Dishwashers must recognize a problem when it arises and be able to resolve it appropriately by using good judgement and initiative according to company policy and procedure.

Quality Control and Priority Assessment: Assess the value, and importance of products and customer needs to maintain a high standard of quality.

Technical Skills: Must know or quickly learn how to use and maintain commercial dishwashing equipment.