Manufacturing Engineer

Grote - United States

Full-timeEstimated: $57,000 - $82,000 a year
Job Role/Summary:
Develop concepts and cost estimates for new equipment, processes, and workstations for proposed new products. As a member of multiple new product introduction teams, develop Manufacturing Plan, Floor Layout, Process Flow, PFMEA, and Gage Plan for new processes and workcells. Use Creo CAD package to design new equipment, workstations, and fixtures for new and existing product. Provide fixture/workstation component and assembly drawings and operation sequence order to internal and external resources and oversee the construction and programming of new workstations and workcells. Develop setup instructions, operator work instructions, machine manuals, critical spare parts list, Master Samples for verification of Poka Yokes, and Preventive Maintenance tasks for new workcells.

Responsible for manufacturing process troubleshooting and technical support. Responsible for leading analysis of root cause/corrective action for Quality Concerns related to manufacturing equipment and processes. Responsible for supporting Engineering Change Requests.

Support or lead cost reduction efforts including I.D.E.A.S. program, Grote DMS, and Lean Kaizen activities.

Assist in maintaining and updating routings, labor standards, work instructions, and work cell layouts.

Job Responsibilities:
Essential & Secondary Functions:
Responsible to follow all safety procedures and practices.

Ensures and maintains the quality guidelines, procedures, and standards are consistently followed throughout the manufacturing operation.

Responsibility & Customer-Focused:
Provides labor estimations for new product and engineering changes.
Determines fixturing and testing equipment needs for new product and engineering changes.
Plans work center layout.
Develops flow chart for new products.
Supports manufacturing floor.
Manages tool room.
Designs tooling and machines.
Estimates tooling costs for new programs.
Maintains work center.
Provides assembly process troubleshooting.
Develops corrective actions for any assigned C.A.R.
Initiates and completes assembly sample runs for P.S.W. submittal.
Develops setup and operator instructions.
Supervises Tool and Die Maker Spec., Tool Maker A, and Tool Maker B.
Provides die cost estimates for new products.
Justifies cost reduction projects.
Submits sample run parts to layout for dimensional inspection.
Communicates with NPI-ME progress of tooling, fixturing, test equipment, and assembly equipment.
Provides capital budget requirements.
Investigates customer complaints and other problems with press room made parts.
Purchases equipment and assures compliance with current OSHA and safety standards.
Investigates new and improved equipment for use at Grote.
Visits customer assembly plants as needed to develop action plans on complaints.
Maintains ecn’s, and develops routings, cell layouts and work instructions as appropriate. Maintains production documentation including routings, operator instructions, and similar.
Implements Engineering Change Orders (EPO) within the Division.
Participates in quoting new products for Division.
Researches, recommends, and prepares AR’s for Division equipment.
Maintains database for terminal applicators and similar divisional tooling.
Supports transfer of products to Mexico.
Performs time studies.
Drives continuous improvement in processes and methods.
Develops assembly equipment, fixturing, and gages as appropriate.
Acts as key individual in injection mold construction, design development, gate locations, etc.
Visits sample shops in initial sample of new tooling, and outside tool shops to review tool construction progress and timing.

Meets all deadlines set by project timelines prepared by NPI-ME.
Provides work instruction maintenance and development for QS-9000 compliance.
Completes special projects with intent of achieving divisional plan and goal.

Other Functions:
Required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties as requested by supervisor.

  • Safety Awareness
  • Quality Driven
  • Respectful
  • Honesty
  • Customer Driven
  • Family Oriented
  • Responsible
  • Innovative
  • Responsible Corporate Citizen
  • Team Player
  • Positive Attitude
  • Detail Oriented
  • Effective Communication
  • Results Oriented
  • Process Improvement
  • Cooperation with Others
Education, Experience, Training, Certifications and Licenses:
Degree or equivalent experience:

Years of experience:
Minimum 3 to 5 years of industry experience preferred.

Training in:
As required.

Licenses in:
As required.

Certifications in:
As required.

Other requirements:
Must successfully pass any pre-screening test(s).

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Knowledge in:
Considerable knowledge in Engineering

Skills in:
Attention to detail
Excellent written and oral communication

Demonstrated ability to:
Ability to interact with all levels of employees
Work at a highly motivated level with a sense of urgency and dedication to accomplishing tasks
Ability to type on computer keyboard for extended periods of time
Adapt to frequent changes in work environment & prioritization.
Work with general or minimal supervision
Leverage existing and potential training

Experience with:
Conflict resolution
In-depth problem identification, analysis and resolution
Prioritizing and executing multiple projects

Must be proficient in use of a personal computer, laptops, tablets, smartphone, printer, calculator, copier, and fax machine.
Must be proficient with Microsoft Office applications and data entry.
Extensive Excel experience and MS Project is a plus

  • 10%
Work Environment:
  • Manufacturing and/or professional environment.
  • Standing, sitting and walking for long periods of time.
  • Environment can be hot or cold depending on outside temperatures.
  • Requires flexibility to schedule and work hours.
Physical and Mental Requirements:
  • Climbing Stairs: Ascending or descending stairs to gain access to a building or to move from one floor to another.
  • Light Carrying: Physically transporting general office items/materials from one location to another.
  • Fingering: Typing for extending periods of time, or otherwise working primarily with fingers rather than with the whole hand or arm.
  • Sitting: Particularly for sustained periods of time
  • Visual Requirement: Able to see and read PC screens; detect color coding, read fine print, and/or normal type size print.
  • Bending and Stooping: Bending body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist.
  • Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word, communicating orally with others accurately.
  • Ability to understand, remember, and apply oral and/or written instructions or other information.
  • Ability to understand, remember, and communicate routine, factual information.
  • Ability to organize thoughts and ideas into understandable terminology.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize own work schedule.
  • Ability to understand and follow basic instructions and guidelines.
  • Ability to complete forms, use existing letters and/or conduct oral communication.
  • Ability to compose letters, outlines, memoranda, and basic reports and/or to orally communicate technical information.
  • Ability to communicate with individuals utilizing a telephone; requires ability to hear and speak effectively on phone.
Grote Industries will provide reasonable accommodations, if needed, to qualified individuals with disabilities to assist employees in performing the essential functions of their jobs, unless such an accommodation would create an undue hardship on Grote Industries..

Grote Industries is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equality and diversity in employment in which staff are treated equitably, and where they can realize their potential whatever their age, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, creed, disability, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, parental status, religion, belief or non-belief, social or economic class, employment status, or any other criteria that cannot be shown to be properly justifiable. Equality of opportunity and inclusivity is fundamental to the vision and values of Grote Industries. The principles of equality and diversity are at the heart of the Grote culture and are supported by appropriate policies, procedures and good faith practice.