Executive Director

Fargo Park District - Fargo, ND

The Executive Director is responsible for leading the overall direction and operation of the District and includes responsibility for all areas of organizational performance including financial results, safety and sustainability efforts, staff leadership and visibility within the community. The position is responsible for creating the plans, vision and inspiration for the agency in providing high-quality services. The Executive Director is responsible for creating a customer-focused approach to the delivery of park and recreation programs and services, aligned with community needs. The director works collaboratively with a variety of community groups, elected officials and other organizations.

Essential Functions

Evaluation of this position is based primarily on performance of the following essential functions, which include, but are not limited to:

Provide strategic direction for the organization through appropriate planning efforts such as strategic plans, master plans and capital plans. Establishes work plans with short and long-term goals along with assigned responsibilities.
Develops and nurtures partnerships, working relationships and communication with other community and government organizations and the public at large.
Oversees general administration through each department director, responsible for the planning, organizing, promoting and directing programs of recreational services reaching diverse audiences in accordance with community demographics, needs and desires.
Recommend policies, plans and programs, and provide the Board with information necessary to the Board’s policy-making functions.
Ascertains park and recreational needs and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of present programs.
Organize and supervise an efficient administrative organization for the Park District. Develop, review, analyze and implement operational procedures required to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of the Park District and implement Board approved policies.
Oversee the development and maintenance of all Park District parks and facilities to meet the needs of the community. Oversee the recommended goals and objectives for the Park District’s operation and develop strategies for achieving these goals and objectives.
Leads the Park District in all matters pertaining to acquisition, zoning changes, land development, and related concerns which affect the Park District’s current and future interests. Make recommendations to the Board concerning land acquisitions and facility development.
Responsible for financial management of the agency and authorizes all district capital and operating budget expenditures. Ensure the best return on investment of financial and human asst resources. Develop and recommend to the Board a multi-year financial plan and the yearly working budget, appropriation ordinance, prevailing wage ordinance and tax levy ordinance following a specific timeline. Exercise sound fiscal management by reviewing and analyzing current fiscal conditions and projecting financial needs and resources.
Plan and coordinate efforts to receive federal, state and local funds to assist the Park District’s operations.
Administer the budget in consultation with the Park District’s Finance Director, to include directing, investing, controlling and accounting for the receipt and expenditure of Park District funds in accordance with the approved budget and state law, and supervising the keeping of detailed and accurate financial records.
Supervises and annually evaluates nine direct reports while indirectly supervising all Fargo Park District employees. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of direct reports as well as their departments. Select or assist in the selection of administrative and supervisory personnel including interviewing, hiring and training employees: planning, assigning and directing work; providing feedback and coaching, appraising performance and addressing issues. Conduct staff meetings, establish staff training programs, supply the staff with significant information, and explain and interpret Board policy to the staff, all in an effort to enhance staff capabilities and maintaining open and effective staff relations. Act as the official means of communication between the employees of the Park District and the Board.
Ensures support functions such as technology, marketing and customer service are continuously improving.
Creates the overall leadership system for the organization. Maintain an effective personnel administration program that includes a policy manual, job descriptions, evaluation procedures, clear performance standards, hiring and dismissal procedures, salary and fringe benefit plans as well as affirmative action and training.
Work with the Board and department heads in determining current and future staffing needs and appropriate personnel organization.
Implement methods of including the public in the Park District’s planning/decision making process includes work with the Board and citizen committees. Creates opportunities for members of the community to have engagement with the district through suggestions, involvement and feedback. Maintain good relations with the public, accurately represent to the Board the needs of various groups within the community, and develop, maintain and supervise an effective program for handling citizen complaints and inquiries.
Act as the representative of the Park District, or select and assist department heads, in providing information to the news media to supply information to the public Park District programs. Advise the Park District staff as to the importance of maintaining courteous relations with the public. Promote the Park District by participating and representing the Park District at various governmental, civic and community functions.
Develop policies to carry out district responsibilities relative to the city/county/Century Code and all officially adopted plans. Become familiar with the Park District policies, as well as other federal, state and local statutes and ordinances, which affect Park District operations. Work with the Park District’s attorneys in conjunction with Board-established policies, procedures and directives in handling of the Park District’s legal matters. Review proposed state legislation, subject to Board direction, promote and support the matters that are important to the Park District’s mission.
Directs responsibilities associate with emergency management, safety and sustainability practices. Support and promote all policies relating to safety, health and loss control as approved by the Board. Require all responsible personnel to provide regular and timely reports and summaries of incidents within the realm of safety, health and loss control. Review all safety policies, accident/injury reports and suggestions relative to safety and loss control in a timely fashion so as to maintain a safe and healthy Park District organization.
Subject to Board approval, maintain membership in significant professional organizations, and participate in workshops, conferences, seminars and programs designed to promote professional development.
Lead the agency according to the mission, vision and values of the district. Be aware of new developments, trends and innovation in professional management of parks and recreation service systems.
Develop short and long range plans to meet the needs of the community.

Experience and Skills:
Education/Experience - A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and at least five (5) years of progressive, related experience in an upper level management/administrative position, with consideration given to those with experience in the fields of parks, recreation, health and wellness that clearly demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

Credentials/Licenses/Certifications -

The Executive Director shall have certification status as a Parks and Recreation Professional in accordance with the standards of the NDPRA and NRPA or, obtain such certification within the qualifying guidelines listed on the NRPA website.
Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Requirements -

Working knowledge of rules, regulations, and ordinances pertaining to recreation programs, facilities, and personnel management.
Ability to understand the recreation needs of the community and to formulate programs designed to meet these needs.
Ability to develop, organize and direct a comprehensive community park and recreation program.
Ability to develop, organize and direct a program of acquisition, construction and maintenance of park areas and facilities.
Maintain a positive and professional working relationship with peers, management, and support resources, with a constant commitment to teamwork and radical customer service. Live the company core values of; passion, intentional leadership, sincerity and solution engineers.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to effectively engage with an array of diverse organizations, groups and individuals.
Demonstrated experience in the creation of a sound fiscal program including: forecasting, budgeting, and development of projects and other alternative funding, which demonstrates successful administration and budget management.
Demonstrated leadership in an organization and have a passion for achieving results with the ability to think and act strategically and stimulate others to do the same.
Be a resident of Fargo, North Dakota, or be willing to relocate to Fargo within 6 months of accepting the Executive Director position.
Be highly motivated, enthusiastic and professional in leading a progressive organization.
Exceptional ability to analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses, be visionary, innovative and creative in implementing long-term plans and strategies to maintain the District’s high level of service.
Interface effectively and establish relationships, collaboratively working side by side with the community, public entities and other agencies.
Knowledge and understanding of the importance of the board/executive director relationship and the ability to effectively engage and maintain a positive working relationship with the Board.
Effectively administer and manage all facets of a park district, including personnel and programs.
Ability, skills and willingness to exercise patience, mentoring, and staff development while ensuring effective relationships based on trust and confidence.
Demonstrated excellent organizational skills.
Computer fluency related to the understanding of social media for purposes of communicating information, recruiting, etc.
Work with minimum supervision.
Ability to attend frequent meetings, workshops, and conferences during non-business hours.

Application deadline is October 25th EOB. Please attach your cover letter, resume and three professional references to your application. These documents are required.