Michigan State University Campus Brand Ambassador

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Campus Brand Ambassador

The Brand Ambassador’s goal is to promote boj at marketing booths in the student center, lecture hall buildings, colleges, other buildings on campus, sporting events, career fairs, and events happening on the university campus.

This is an opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge technology start-up company and gain valuable experience that will enhance your future career.

About BOJ

Boj is a mobile app that connects college students with internships and jobs with companies who are hiring through our matching algorithms. Forget having to spend countless hours applying to jobs. Our app is like Tinder meets Snapchat meets Job Board. Very simple and easy to use. Download and complete your profile and let opportunities with great companies start coming in.

For companies to hire and get connected with college students for internships and jobs, boj provides a SaaS that is user friendly, efficient, simple and effective for their hiring needs.

BOJ is headquartered in Michigan. We have fun and offer a dynamic opportunity.

We have so many exciting initiatives and career growth opportunities. BOJ is on track to grow 500%+ in this year!

We would love to have you part of our team.


Your responsibility is to drive awareness and get students to download the boj app (free mobile app) from the Apple store and complete their profile. (Android version is coming soon) The Brand Ambassador’s goal is to promote boj across campus through promoting at booths, text messaging, social media, friends, sporting events, campus events, and word of mouth on and around the university campus all while getting paid.

You will be working at 5 booths a week for 2 hours each on an ongoing basis throughout the semesters. In addition to the weekly 5 booths, you will be working at sporting events, career fairs and other events happening throughout campus. We provide ongoing training and support for you to be successful. You will be sharing info about boj through text messaging, handouts, social media and more.

You will be collaborating with other Campus Ambassadors and a Public Relations Intern on campus to promote boj.


You will be expected to participate on a weekly call with the team.

You will be responsible for working a two hour shifts at five booths a week. Minimum of 10 hours a week

In addition to the five booths (2 hour shifts), You will be responsible for working at sporting events, career fairs and other events happening on campus. Some weeks you will be working up to 20 hours a week depending on the events going on.

You will be responsible for communicating with other team members and leaders on the team through Slack.

You will be promoting boj throughout the campus

You will be expected to generate new ideas and contribute to the team

You will be collaborating with other team members

Qualifications and Skills

Looking for students who are involved on campus and in campus activities. The Brand Ambassador should be part of clubs, organizations, sports teams, associations, etc. You love to network and meet new people. We are looking for someone who has great communication and presentation skills. The Brand Ambassador needs to be able to write professional posts about the mobile app online and through social media outlets. If you have a ton of friends, very engaged and active, then you would be a great asset to our team. The Ambassador must be driven and able to think outside of the box and generate new ideas.


Sales & Marketing experience

Hands on resume, interviewing, and job assistance from a team of experts

Networking guidance/advice

Boj would be a reference



Great experience for a resume

Networking and Connecting

Featured on our website and videos

Leadership opportunities and experience

Social media experience


$20 for every (2 hour) booth session (Min. 5 a week) = Minimum of $100 a week = $400 a month Minimum