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American Dream Clean - New York, NY


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Our Business & Mission:

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American Dream Clean is a mission-driven commercial cleaning company committed to delivering an exceptional cleaning service while also ensuring the children of the families we employ have access to a good education and a path to college and career.

The Opportunity:

ADC seeks tutors who are passionate about partnering with us in our mission to help close the achievement gap in American education. For many of the kids we support, systemic problems in our educations system and beyond have pushed them off-track in school at a young age. Statistically, only 9% of the 15 million school-aged children living in poverty today will graduate from college. With your help, we can begin to get them back on track to a brighter future.

We understand that college students are busy, and so the simpler we can make your lives, the better our program will be. That’s why our tutors work online and we multiply their effectiveness with professional online tutoring services like Khan Academy. By leveraging well-crafted online tutoring services and creating a network of passionate and academically high-achieving tutors, we think that our tutors can really make a difference. Candidates should be able to offer a minimum of one hour per week of mentoring services and the necessary preparation and follow-up that goes along with that.

  • Passion – your work will contribute to a better future for the kids you work with. Does that excite and inspire you?
  • You are in the business of creating “Aha Moments" for your tutee. So you'll need to engage your higher level thinking capabilities as well as your empathy and communication skills to develop an evolving appreciation of your tutee (strengths, interests, etc.) to continually refine and improve your strategies for meeting their learning needs.
  • Professionalism / Work Habits -- you're in charge of the day-to-day interactions with your tutee. Your ability to manage your time well to be on-time, prepared, etc. is essential not only to productive sessions with your tutee, but also in showing the level of care we need and expect our kids to experience.
  • Academic Track Record – this is relevant primarily if your tutee has a college preparatory high school course load. It’s in those cases that tutors have mastery of the associated subjects, most often evidenced by progressing in those same subjects in their own college coursework.

All tutors have direct access to the CEO for training/mentorship, as well as access to a network of likeminded peers for guidance, support, and community/camaraderie.

Job Type: Part-time