Red Bull Salesperson

Gulf Distributing Holdings Company LLC - Milton, FL

Goldring Gulf Distributing LLC

Red Bull Salesperson

Location: Milton, Florida

Reports to: Red Bull Brand Manager

Position Objective:
The Red Bull Salesperson is responsible for promoting the sales of Red Bull in each assigned account as well as developing new accounts.

Description of Physical Tasks:
Safely operating vehicles, keeping vehicle clean. Keeping designated areas within retail outlets clean, including display, shelving and back stock areas. Delivering product to stores (approximately 15 lbs/per case) pricing and stocking shelves and displays. Climbing in and out of vehicle and proper lifting techniques required.

Responsibilities Include:
Conduct a complete sales call on all assigned accounts on the proper day and in the established sequence.
Sell and merchandise all Red Bull products in accordance with the standards of Gulf Distributing Holdings Company.
Work with all your retailers to equalize order quantities between their scheduled deliveries.
Use and improve on the PIITCHER process daily and weekly.
Continue to assist the rest of the GDH team to learn PIITCHER.
Communicate with Total Beverage Sales team on deliveries and any special request needed.
Communicate with the Total Beverage Sales team on any promotions involving Red Bull.
Ensure all paper and permanent Point of Sale is used in the proper manner and quantity.
Use you sales history data in each account as a selling tool. Ensure that all products are reviewed on every sales call to prevent out of stocks and call-ins.
Request one additional placement, ad, display, sign, static, price reduction, etc. on each sales call.
Keep marketing plan and all tracking charts updated daily.
Actively participate in all incentive programs.
When necessary call back on accounts to assist or complete the merchandising of delivered product.
Restock your delivery vehicle daily with the necessary P.O.S. materials you will need to properly service your accounts on the next business day.
Maintain a positive working relationship with the owners, managers and employees of your assigned accounts.
When possible avoid retailer contacts during their busy times.
Be aware of all competitive activity and opportunities to increase sales in your assigned accounts.
Check and note pricing on all competitive products to ensure parity.
Pursue new placements and lower PTCs on all special promotions or new everyday lower prices on the products you sell and merchandise.
Request competitors’ shelf space for new placements or for expanding your existing placements.
Work with your assigned account to improve your shelf position within their cooler, warm shelf, and the placement of floor displays.
Advise and train the retailers and their employees in the proper methods of selling, merchandising, and pricing of the products you supply to them.
Demonstrate a sincere interest in the business success of each account that is assigned to you.
Maintain open and clear communications with the owners, managers, and other employees of Gulf Distributing Holdings Company.
Maintain open and clear communications with the owners, managers and other employees of all your accounts.
Report to your Manager all new competitive activity in your accounts.
Forward to your Manager immediately all competitive price information.
At weekly sales meeting, share information with the other employees that will benefit the company.
Reconcile all route invoices, cash and checks daily.
Communicate to the Manager any additional POS or equipment you need to service your assigned accounts regarding displays, placements and POS.
Ensure proper stock rotation is in effect in all your assigned accounts.
When necessary have close dated product returned to the warehouse for re-delivery to another account that can sell it prior to going out-of-date.
Always be aware of code dates and have product that is out-of-date swapped.
Ensure that all packages are sellable and have damaged product swapped or re-packed.
Keep your vehicle clean and orderly.
Ensure your vehicle is serviced at regular intervals and repaired when necessary to minimize breakdowns.
Dress and maintain your personal appearance in a professional manner and according to company policy.
Properly operate, protect from damage, and return all equipment that has been issued to you (i.e. radios, hand trucks, vehicles, etc.).
Conduct all your activities within the guidelines of all company policies and procedures.
Report immediately to your Area Manager of any traffic violations, on or off duty that may affect your insurability.
Conduct all of your activities in accordance to the local, state and federal regulations.
Report all accidents and injuries immediately to the Area Sales Manager.
All other duties as assigned.
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: Gulf Distributing Holdings, LLC is committed to offering equal employment opportunity without regard to age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic.