Deputy Director of Assessment-Personal Property

City Of Indianapolis and Marion County - Indiana2.9

Full-time$53,000 - $58,000 a year
Position is responsible for administering, planning, coordinating, and evaluating the assessment of all business personal property and other non-commercial and non-residential property in Marion County, ensuring that all assessments are done in compliance with state law and in accordance with International Association of Assessing Officials (IAAO) standards. Position manages the collection and analysis of property tax data to provide for uniform and equitable assessments, and to transmit accurate and compliant assessment information to the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF).

Position Responsibilities
Directs and has responsibility for guidance and coordination of staff to maintain uniform and equitable property tax assessments of business personal property, mobile homes, utility properties, and agricultural property in Marion County.

Develops and implements policy regarding business personal property, mobile home, utility property, and agricultural property tax assessment, including methodology on how to coordinate with assessment support and data analysis division to create defensible assessments.

Develops and manages a system for the audit of as many as 40,000 annual business personal property tax returns to ensure full disclosure of business assets and full compliance with the law.

Develops and manages a system for the physical inspection of all mobile home properties in Marion County in accordance with state law.

Develops short- and long-term strategy with Director of Assessment.

Assists the Director in providing assessment information to other local and state government agencies, including the City-County Council, and to the public.

Provides training to subordinates working on the assessment of business personal property, mobile homes, utilities, and agricultural property.

Assists other staff on an as-needed basis to ensure a smooth work-flow.

Complies with rules and directives of the DLGF.

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that the Marion County Assessor may deem necessary from time to time.

Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of five (5) years' prior management or audit related work experience is required. One (1) year of work experience may be substituted for each year of required education. Applicants must be certified by the DLGF as a Level II Assessor/Appraiser or be willing to earn that certification within six months of hiring. Effective project management, statistical, computer, and communication skills are required. Applicants must be competent in accounting and audit practices and procedures. Knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, imaging systems, and other software is required. Applicants must have the ability to assist customers in a professional and courteous manner, whether it's face-to-face, by email, or over the telephone. The position requires attention to detail and candidates must be able to type, create, and edit reports and spreadsheets as needed, and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, internally and with the public and other government agencies on technical and complex subjects. All activities must comply with state law and in accordance with professional assessing standards.

Independent Judgment
This position requires substantial decision-making latitude and authority. The position requires the knowledge of established laws and IAAO standards, which control most of the actions in this position, and include many opportunities for subjective and discretionary choices that will have an effect on the fair distribution of the property tax burden. Independent professional judgment, subject to the approval of the Director of Assessment, is regularly expected in this position.