Assistant General Manager

VIDA Fitness and Aura spa - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)

Job Description

The Assistant General Manager (AGM) is primarily responsible for ensuring successful daily operations, member retention, facility repairs & maintenance, and improving the viability and growth of VIDA by supporting the execution of the annual business plan. The AGM will directly oversee all club operations and staff including hiring, firing, and training. The AGM is also charged with facilities management, its related issues, and the coordination of repairs and maintenance.

General & Administrative Duties:

1. Train and Supervise the management team on a daily basis.
2. Check-in daily with Management Team to check their progress, address concerns, and ensure productivity.
3. Encourage teamwork and a trusting culture among team members.
4. Provide training and education to enhance the professional development of staff in the interest of meeting and exceeding goals.
5. Ensure that Department Managers achieve their goals as their leader. Their success is your success.
6. Be open and flexible to look at different approaches as business climate changes. Lead your team through change together.
7. Cross-promote all departments and develop initiatives for further integration.
8. Ensure all daily department reporting procedures are followed by the club level managers and work with the Department Heads to take any necessary corrective action.
9. Ensure daily & weekly recaps are submitted on time by all department heads.
10. File proper paperwork for employee discipline using the Progressive Disciplinary Form, Payroll Action Form, and Separation Form.
11. Submit all forms to corporate office as needed: new hire paperwork, payroll action forms, payroll, progressive disciplinary reports, coded invoices, membership agreements, locker/tanning/personal training contracts, etc.
12. Order all necessary supplies, including Fuel Bar, Gear Shop, equipment parts, light bulbs, and cleaning supplies.
13. Conduct the Declined Card Process each Friday and on the 15th & 30th of each month to minimize bad debt according to the approved collection procedures.
14. Process member cancellations and freezes while remaining committed to member retention. Develop rebuttals to communicate with members on the alternatives to cancellation.
15. Hold weekly staff meetings with all department heads and full-time staff members.
16. Hold monthly front desk and housekeeping staff meetings.
17. Conduct annual performance reviews with all full-time staff.
18. Coordinate weekly management meetings, weekly sales meetings, and bi-weekly personal training meetings.
19. Attend monthly P&L meeting and monthly kickoff meeting.
20. Conduct Gear Shop inventory report after COB on the last day of the month, but before opening on the first day of the month.

Front Desk & Housekeeping:

1. The AGM will work with the Front Desk Shift Supervisors to progressively establish and increase the standard for customer service and continuously look for ways to provide the highest level of service to affluent clientele in a high-end club.
2. Recruit, hire, train and supervise all staff of Front Desk & Cleaning Crew to achieve company goals and objectives in all departments - this includes revenue and member satisfaction.
3. Contribute to maintaining an environment within the club that motivates the staff to exhibit professionalism, cooperation, and a sense of urgency to satisfy members and guests.
4. Provide training and education to enhance the professional development of staff in the interest of meeting and exceeding VIDA goals and objectives, as well as the staff’s professional goals and objectives.
5. Create and maintain an effective system for the Manager on Duty to provide clear and useful leadership during the absence of the GM and AGM. Empower FDSS staff to be responsible for overall club operations.
6. Develop and continuously update Front Desk & Cleaning Crew checklists to ensure all tasks are completed on a daily basis.

Membership Sales:

1. The AGM will oversee the Membership Sales department and use regular goal-setting as a motivational tool for membership consultants. The AGM will also back-up the membership sales department by assisting with club tours and enrolling new members as needed.
2. The AGM will also oversee the Corporate Membership Program. The AGM must actively assign Membership Staff to communicate with local businesses/residences and their employees/residents to advance the benefits of corporate wellness. The AGM is expected to manage the membership staff to identify, recruit, and establish new corporate accounts on a regular basis.
3. Assign membership consultants and personal trainers to work Health Fairs for potential and existing corporate clients.
4. Position the club within the community as the #1 choice for fitness.
5. Ensure that the club is adequately staffed during all promotions and Member Appreciation Days.
6. Hold membership staff accountable for reaching individual and club quotas.
7. Ensure that membership staff completes all paperwork accurately and includes corporate account verification. This includes entering member interests into eClub.
8. Hold membership staff accountable for scheduling 100% of vidafits and achieving 75% Value-Added Program purchases at POS.
9. Ensure membership staff is regularly tracking guest traffic and generating member referrals using all required spreadsheets.

Member Retention & Customer Satisfaction:

1. Remain keenly and consistently aware of customer attitudes and trends so as to meet and exceed the needs of an evolving market. Solicit regular input from suggestions, member focus groups, and daily informal conversations with members.
2. Establish effective member retention programs based on the specifics of your individual club. Member retention becomes increasingly important the longer the club is open.
3. Maintain the Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey platform, follow-up with members within 24 hours, and implement suggestions.
4. Communicate future development, significant changes, and/or company philosophy to staff & members through approved communication vehicles and marketing plans.
5. Resolve member conflicts in the best interest of the member while keeping with the spirit of VIDA rules and policies (being sensitive to the member’s needs yet supporting VIDA goals and objectives).
6. Create and maintain a positive and fun filled atmosphere for all members and staff.

Personal Training - Group Fitness – Aura spa:

1. The AGM is responsible for the success and growth of the Personal Training & Group Fitness Departments as well as Aura spa. The AGM will ensure all staff members are trained on the scheduling of sessions and maintain exceptional product knowledge of all programs and services.
2. The GM will maintain high standards for VIDAfit scheduling and The Value Added Program (VAP) as a strategy to properly onboard new members and support the growth of these departments.
3. Ensure that all classes start on time and that the Instructor arrives at least 5 minutes prior to start time.

Facilities Management:

1. Serve alongside the GM in Facilities Management and schedule all necessary repairs & maintenance with the service provider. Also responsible for ordering supplies, towels, shower products, etc.
2. Schedule regular evaluations and maintain accurate records for:
i. cardio, strength, and group fitness equipment
ii. electrical, HVAC, plumbing and other essential equipment
3. Create monitoring systems or procedures to detect problems immediately.
4. Recommend improvement-based projects and make recommendations for ordering new equipment.
5. Post official signs using the VIDA template on all out-of-order equipment explaining the issue, expected repair date, and providing contact information. Make same day repairs in-house whenever possible.
6. Negotiate pricing, obtain competitive bids, and try to get price matches from preferred vendors for all repairs and improvement-based projects.
7. Ensure closets and other storage areas are kept clean and organized.
8. Ensure an elite standard of cleanliness and well-organized club environment at all times. All equipment should be displayed in an orderly, aesthetically appealing fashion. This includes training the fitness floor attendants to immediately return equipment to its proper location when members fail to do so themselves.
9. Supervise the safety and consistent cleanliness of the club in tandem with on site management and housekeeping objectives.
10. Ensure the appropriate execution of preventative maintenance for all equipment and keep ongoing communications with the Director of Operations.
11. Ensure that opening and closing staff submit the checklist on a daily basis.
12. Maintain accurate logs for security, cleanliness, safety, member & employee incidents, smooth operations, training, and communication.
13. Ensure that the Endless Pools are properly tested and treated at least four times daily.
14. Understand all database and technology systems for personal reference and training purposes.
15. Responsible to ensure that there is always a staff member on duty that can perform CPR; certified and proficient using the AED and execute calm and positive leadership should a health or physical plant emergency call upon them while on duty. Maintain updated list of certified AED staff members located on or next to AED at all times. Conduct monthly safety and emergency practice drills with staff with overall goal of having team trained to execute successfully in the event of an on site emergency.

Finance Responsibilities:

1. Execute and remain within all expense budgets
2. Maintain full knowledge of critical financial factors:

  • Profit Margin (EBITDA / Total Revenue)
  • EBITDA vs Previous Year
  • EBITDA vs Budget
  • Revenue vs Previous Year
  • Revenue vs Budget
  • Payroll ratios and trends by department; Payroll vs. budget
  • Facility maintenance costs (R&M, Cleaning Supplies, Shower/Grooming/Towels)
  • New membership sales and renewals
  • Membership cancellations
  • Non-dues revenue categories

3. Be prepared to explain variances in budget and plan to get back on track
4. Code all invoices, submit petty cash reconciliation forms, and submit check requests.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Management: 2 years


  • Bachelor's