Associate Management Analyst - EXTRA HELP

County of Santa Clara - Technology Services and Solutions - San Jose, CA

Part-time | Temporary$32 an hour

Under close supervision, initially in a training capacity, to conduct or assist in conducting of a variety of analytical, staff studies and/or projects for assigned departmental activities; analyzes programmatic practices and procedures and makes recommendations for organizational, operational, policy, and procedural improvements in support of the management functions, practices and services or the implementation of program objectives.

This position is with the Technology Services and Solutions Department with the Accounting/Financial Planning and Analysis Group. Knowledge of accounting practices and analytical skills are highly desired.

The Associate Management Analyst is the entry professional level classification within the Management Analyst series, used for training purposes. Incumbents receive routine, closely supervised assignments that have established structure or pattern, and exercise less independence and discretion than higher level Management Analysts. As experience is gained, Associate Management Analysts are expected to perform gradually more responsible assignments with increasing independence.

The Associate Management Analyst classification differs from the next lower para-professional level of Management Aide in that Management Aides work in support of and assist the Management Analyst or higher level administrative staff. Management Aides work on studies with a defined scope, pre-determined methodology and well-established procedures to gather and assemble simple data with limited variables.
The Associate Management Analyst classification differs from the higher level Management Analyst classification in that Management Analyst is the full journey-level classification and incumbents are assigned analytical work which requires the exercise of considerable judgment and discretion. Recommendations have considerable weight and personal contacts involve negotiating, advising, and gaining acceptance of ideas by others.


  • Conducts or participates in systems and analytical studies on organization, procedures, budgetary requirements, human resources management and other related management functions;
  • Assists with or performs cost studies, conducts surveys, and conducts feasibility studies by collecting, tabulating and analyzing a wide variety of data using appropriate statistical methods to determine trends, cycles, and underlying factors;
  • Gathers data, analyzes information, and prepares reports outlining methodology, analysis and recommendations related to administrative, fiscal, organizational, human resources and management issues;
  • Interviews and consults with departmental officials and employees, representatives from other organizations and groups, and the general public to give and/or secure necessary information;
  • Analyzes programmatic practices and procedures and makes recommendations for organizational, operational, policy, and procedural improvements;
  • Conducts needs analysis, feasibility studies, and evaluations for assigned projects and programs;
  • Develops, summarizes, and maintains administrative and fiscal records;
  • Develops and analyzes quantitative data for management control and evaluation purposes;
  • Prepares and presents a variety of budgetary, informational and statistical reports which may include recommendations in written, graphic, and oral presentations;
  • Uses a variety of information applications and databases to collect, analyze and prepare reports;
  • May be assigned as a Disaster Service Worker, as required;
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Sufficient education, training and experience that demonstrates the ability to perform the above typical tasks, and possession of the following knowledge and abilities.

Training and Experience Note: The required knowledge and abilities are acquired through training and experience equivalent to the possession of a Bachelor's degree. Relevant analytical, administrative, lead, supervisory or management experience that includes interpreting rules and regulations, gathering data and formulating recommendations, and report writing can substitute for education on a year-for-year basis.

Special Requirements:

  • Possession of a valid California driver's license prior to appointment and the ability to qualify for and maintain a County Driver's Authorization.
  • Some positions may require Live Scan screening as part of the background check process.

Knowledge of:

  • Basic organizational and management practices as applied to the analysis, evaluation, development, and implementation of programs, policies and procedures;
  • Basic concepts and purposes of administrative and human resources management such as budgeting, workload and staffing analysis, position classification and pay, recruitment and test development, and employee relations;
  • Basic local government functions and organization;
  • Principles of mathematical and statistical computations;
  • Effective communication and interviewing techniques required for gathering, evaluating, and transmitting information;
  • English usage, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation;
  • Modern office practices, methods, and computer equipment and applications related to the work.

Ability to:

  • Formulate, gather, interpret, analyze, evaluate and present a variety of financial, informational, and statistical data;
  • Analyze information, reach valid conclusions, and provide appropriate recommendations;
  • Prepare and present clear and concise reports;
  • Identify and define problem areas;
  • Identify and evaluate concrete variables;
  • Persuade, justify, and project consequences of decisions and/or recommendations;
  • Plan, coordinate and initiate action necessary to implement recommendations;
  • Communicate effectively and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with departmental officials, employees and the general public;
  • Develop and evaluate alternatives;
  • Reason logically and creatively and utilize a variety of analytical techniques to resolve managerial problems.
  • Willingness to do routine or detailed work in order to learn the practical application of management analysis principles and techniques.
  • Willingness and ability to accept increasing responsibility.

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary

Salary: $32.26 /hour

Working days:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Hours per week:

  • 30-39

Overtime often available:

  • No

Employment Length:

  • Varies

Typical start time:

  • 8AM

Typical end time:

  • 5PM