Handy man

Lloyd’s handymen - Atlanta, GA


I’m looking for a handyman. Must be able to repair decks, fencing, trim, door. Basic handyman repairs.
(you will be the first employee)

i will be running the sales and customer side. So I will estimating, and you will be working on the job. Experience is a must. You will be the leader. Some jobs might need Two people. I will help, or a helper will be hired. New company. Help grow the company and be a leader, jobs are not rushed. I prefer doing the job right, and having repeat business.

1099 employee
payed per job (you will get payed a percentage per job)
looking for a handy man.

must be able to build decks
install doors
wood fences
interior trim

must have a truck and tools
fair pay, we can workout a schedule M-T 10 hour days seems great. but open to anything.

come help a company at the ground level and grow it.

Job Type: Commission

Salary: $250.00 to $1,200.00 /day