U.S. Probation Officer

United States District Court - Chicago, IL4.4

30+ days ago
Announcement Number: 18-09
Court: U.S. Probation Office
City, State: Chicago, IL
Court Website: http://www.ilnp.uscourts.gov
Permanent Position: Permanent
Job Grade: CL 25-28
Minimum Salary: $46,571
Maximum Salary: $105,392
Closing Date: 12/31/2018
Position Description

The probation officer, as an investigative, sentencing and supervision specialist, is responsible for providing meaningful assistance to the U.S. District Court in its deliberations and decisions concerning criminal offenders, and for ensuring public safety through the monitoring and supervision of offenders placed under supervision by the court, the U.S. Parole Commission, or military authorities.

Conduct investigations and prepare reports for the court with recommendations. Interview offenders/defendants and their families and collect background data from various sources. During process, interpret and apply policies and procedures, statutes, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, and U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, Monographs, and relevant case law, as applicable.

Enforce court-ordered supervision components and implement supervision strategies. Maintain personal contact with defendants and offenders, investigate employment, sources of income, lifestyle, and associates to assess risk and compliance. Address substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and similar problems and refer to appropriate specialist.

Schedule and conduct drug use detection tests and DNA collection of offenders/defendants, following established procedures and protocols. Maintain paper and computerized records of test results. Maintain chain of custody of urinalysis testing materials. Respond to judicial officers’ requests for information and advice. Testify in court as to the basis for factual findings and guideline applications, if warranted. Maintain detailed written records of case activity.

Investigate and analyze financial documents and activities and take appropriate action. Interview victim(s) and provide victim impact statements to the court. Ensure compliance with Mandatory Victims Restitution Act.

Review and resolve disputed issues involving defendants/offenders and present unresolved issues to the court for resolution. Assess offenders’/defendants’ level of risk and develop a blend of strategies for controlling and correcting risk management.

Provide offenders/defendants with information on local resources and programs regarding employment, GED certification assistance, ongoing education, and vocational training. Identify interests, aptitudes, and abilities of offenders/defendants through interviewing and gathering appropriate information. Assist offenders/defendants toward integration into the job market.

Communicate with other organizations and personnel (such as the U.S. Parole Commission, Bureau of Prisons, law enforcement, treatment agencies, and attorneys) concerning offenders’/defendants’ behavior and conditions of supervision. Identify and investigate violations and implement appropriate alternatives and sanctions. Discuss violations with Supervisory Probation Officer. Report violations of the conditions of supervision to the appropriate authorities. Prepare written reports of violation matters, and make recommendations for disposition. Testify at court or parole hearings. Conduct Parole Commission preliminary interviews.

The current range for salaries is CL 25, 27 or 28 for Probation Officers depending on education and experience.

Classification level 25 $46,571 - $74,564

Classification level 27 $54,086 - $87,967

Classification level 28 $64,857 - $105,392

Officers are eligible for annual within-level increases with satisfactory performance. When vacancies occur promotional opportunities to supervisory and specialist positions are available within the office to qualified employees, on a competitive basis.

All newly hired officers are subject to a one year probation period. During that period each officer will receive on-the-job training for a period of approximately six months. Each officer will also attend a formal training session six weeks at the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Academy in Charleston, South Carolina.

Applicant must be a United States citizen or provide documentation proving eligibility to work in the United States.

The minimum requirement for consideration as a U.S. Probation Officer (CL 25) in this office is completion of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in a field of academic study, (such as criminal justice, criminology, psychology, sociology, human relations, or business or public administration), which provides evidence of the capacity to understand and apply the legal requirements and human relations skills involved in the work of the position; and an overall grade point average of 2.9 or better on a 4.0 scale (3.6 on a 5.0 scale) or completion of one academic year (30 semester or 45 quarter hours) of graduate work in a field of study closely related to the position.

Completion of a master's degree in a field of study closely related to the position (such as criminal justice, social work), qualifies for the CL 27 level. With satisfactory performance, and qualifying experience, promotion to the CL28 is without further competition.

Applicants who can supplement the degree requirements with post academic, progressively responsible, specialized experience may qualify for appointment at the higher end of the salary range. Experience in such fields as probation, pretrial services, parole, corrections, criminal investigations, or work in substance/addiction treatment may be creditable. Experience as a police, custodial, or security officer, other than any criminal investigative experience, is not creditable.

Other qualifications required:
(1) Unquestioned integrity and exemplary character.

(2) Sound health.

(3) Less than 37 years old at time of appointment.

(4) Fluency in Spanish is helpful but not required.

A Probation Office Screening Committee, composed of administrative personnel and line staff, assists the Court in screening and evaluating applicants. More than one position may be filled from this vacancy announcement.

Prior to appointment, the selectee considered for the position will undergo medical examination and drug screening. Upon successful completion of the medical examination and drug screening, the selectee may then be appointed provisionally, pending a favorable suitability determination by the court. In addition, as conditions of employment, incumbent will be subject to ongoing random drug screening, updated background investigations every five years and, as deemed necessary by management for reasonable cause, may be subject to subsequent fitness-for-duty evaluations.

The medical requirements and essential job functions derived from the medical guidelines for probation officers and officer assistants are available for public review at http://www.uscourts.gov/.

Employees of the United States Probation Office are not subject to the regulations of the Civil Service Commission. They are, however, federal employees of the Judicial Branch and are entitled to most of the same benefits as other federal government employees.

Some of the benefits are:
Up to 13 days paid vacation per year for the first 3 years of employment, thereafter, 20 to 26 days per year, dependent upon the length of federal service.
Mandatory participation in the federal retirement system and social security program. Note: This position is covered under the federal hazardous duty retirement provisions with mandatory retirement at age 57.
Optional participation in the federal health insurance program of your choice.
Optional participation in the flexible spending program for health and childcare.
Optional participation in the commuter reimbursement program.
Optional participation in a group life insurance program.
Optional participation in the Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401(k)).
A minimum of 10 paid holidays per year.

When computing leave accrual and retirement benefits, time in service with other federal agencies, as well as time for prior military service is taken into consideration.

For consideration, qualified applicants must provide the following in PDF format:

1. Resume

2. Cover letter

3. Completion of AO78 application form (follow link below)


4. All transcripts with grade point average. (Copies are acceptable.)

Please send entire packet as one attachment to human_r_ilnp@ilnp.uscourts.gov, include the vacancy # and Position Title in the Subject line of the email. Failure to follow directions and/or submit a complete packet will disqualify you from consideration.

Due to the expected high volume of applications for this position, the U.S. Probation Office will only make contact with those applicants who are invited to participate in applicant testing. Only those interviewed will be notified of the selection outcome. Questions may be emailed to the Human Resources email address given above. No telephone calls please!

All information provided by applicants is subject to verification and background investigation. Applicants are advised that false statements or omission of information on any application materials may be grounds for non-selection, withdrawal of an offer of employment or dismissal after being employed.

The U.S. Probation Office has the right to modify the conditions of this vacancy announcement, withdraw the announcement, or fill the position at any time before the closing date, any of which may occur without prior written or other notice.

The U. S. Probation Office is not authorized to reimburse candidates for interview or relocation expenses.