Patient Registrar

Huntsville Memorial Hospital - Riverside, TX (30+ days ago)3.6

High School/GED


The Front Desk Registrar is responsible for timely and accurate scheduling, insurance eligibility and verification, referrals and authorization, patient registration, point of service collection, and clinic discharge. Additionally, the Front Desk Registrar supports the providers and clinicians by handling all telephone calls in to the clinic. The Front Desk Registrar supports providers and clinicians in all areas as requested, to ensure the integrity of clinical care to promote patient safety. These duties, performed according to established policy and procedure, result in a positive clinic experience for patients and providers, and ensure the success of the revenue cycle.


Communication Skills:
Must communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
Must exhibit confidence and positive attitude.
Must provide excellent customer service.
Bilingual abilities a plus.

3-5 years of registration or comparable work experience required in a hospital or physician practice setting.

Required Skills:
Critical thinking and interpersonal skills relevant to area in order to effectively facilitate interactions with physicians, health team members, payers, patients and familieS.
Ability to prioritize work in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision in order to independently carry out the duties of the position.Must be able to type 40 wpm.
Must be familiar with Microsoft Office programs.

High School diploma or equivalent required.

Consistently supports and communicates the Mission, Vision and Values of Huntsville Memorial Hospital, Rural Health Clinics, and Affiliates.
Follows Guidelines related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to prevent or detect unauthorized disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI).
Promotes a culture of safety for patients and employees through proper identification, proper reporting, documentation and prevention of medical errors in a non-punitive environment.
Maintains a clean and orderly Lobby and Work Space
Performs Office Open and Close tasks as assigned (lights, equipment, door locks, etc.)
Maintains a professional and pleasant demeanor at all times; speaking with clarity, but at a volume appropriate to protect confidentiality in an open front desk environment.
Greets patients immediately upon their arrival with a cordial greeting such as: "Good Morning/Afternoon, how may I help you?"
Answers telephone calls by the third ring as follows: "Thank you for calling X Clinic. This is (your name). How may I help you?" Delivers accurate messages in a timely manner.
Responds to all using positive reinforcement such as: "My Pleasure", "Thank you", "You are Welcome"
Schedules patients correctly as per established clinical protocol, and communicates scheduled appointment times and parameters to patients in advance of the appointment.
Researches scheduled appointment log for 3 days out to ensure appropriate insurance documentation, eligibility and verification, and completion of referral and/or authorization requirements. Reschedules patient within 24 hours of appointment if insurance requirements are not met.
Assists patient in registering for and utilization of the Patient Portal to ensure compliance with Meaningful Use.
Follows the appropriate check in process to electronically date/time stamp patient arrival time.
Achieves targeted registration completion times to ensure physicians schedules are maintained.
Ensures appropriate handoffs and patient flow in the clinic setting. Notifies the appropriate clinician if the patient has arrived too early or late for their appointment; coordinates the registration process convenient to the physician and/or clinical care area but in compliance with payer authorization and point of service collection requirements (completing the registration process bedside or exam-side if necessary)
Completes registration according to established protocol, ensuring the integrity of the patient's clinical record. This includes, but is not limited to accurately recording the legal name, date of birth, and social security number of the patient; and the legal name and date of birth of the insurance subscriber and guarantor. Also includes correctly recording the name of the Rendering, Supervising, Referring, and Primary Care physicians within the patient's record.
Flags patient accounts as necessary for past due balances, incorrect demographics, and other critical notifications as needed.
Scans insurance cards, and patient identification at EVERY visit
Completes supplemental documents in their entirety including but not limited to, return to work/school forms, referral/authorization forms, workers compensation documents, etc. Scans all documents to the patient's record.
Provides applicable forms to clinician for completion during office visit; including THSteps, TVFC, STD, Worker's Compensation, DOT physicals, Medicare Wellness Exams, etc., and scans documents into EHR upon their completion.
Utilizes payer websites and/or eligibility interface for eligibility and benefit detail, and assigns insurance plans according to validated results.
Performs and documents pre-cert/auth at time of service for all registrations and complies with payer requirements by obtaining referral and/or authorization for visits. This includes services outside the clinic that may require clinical justification from our office. Documents outcome in account notes and authorization field as appropriate to ensure revenue integrity.
Completes Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire to determine primary payer when the primary insurance is traditional Medicare. Assigns insurance plans in the correct order in accordance with MSPQ results.
Discusses Coordination of Benefits with patient as needed when more than one payer is on file; confirms primary payer and records order of payers correctly within the registration profile. Documenting account notes with the results of the COB review (i.e., birthday rule, larger employer, etc.).
Explains registration forms to the expressed understanding of the patient and obtains the signature of the patient or authorized individual in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
Completes Medical Necessity Screening as required by Medicare for Medicare Traditional and HMO payers for laboratory and other outpatient diagnostic services. Communicates the results of the Medical Necessity Screening to the patient on the appropriately completed Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form for services that fail Medical Necessity Screening. Scan the fully executed ABN to the patients file.
Distributes and Retains patient registration information for Medical Record and financial purposes as per chart distribution guidelines.
Calculates patient cost share and performs point of service collection in accordance with upfront collection policy and procedure; collecting self-pay portions, co-payments, and past due patient portions at the time of check in; all other collections to be collected at discharge.
Maintains cash drawer in accordance with established procedures. Participates in the daily reconciliation of cash collected and daily deposit as assigned.
Utilize account system notes to document important information related to the registration, insurance verification, pre-certification, referral and/or collection process.
Meets/exceeds performance standards for customer service, registration accuracy,productivity and upfront collection goals.
Keys charges immediately at patient discharge to create the claim and ensure accurate collection of estimated patient portion.
Daily review of registrations for quality assurance, and correction of errors, prior to close of business (reviews report provided by Front Office lead or manager)
Implements and follows system downtime and recovery procedures when necessary; reports system issues promptly to a member of the management team.
Other duties as assigned
Supportive of the compliance program established by Huntsville Memorial Hospital and demonstrated by:
Participates in mandatory education
Adhering to and helping to enforce all compliance policies relevant to his/her area.
Upholding Standards of Conduct