Take Photos of Houses

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Mortgage field services property inspectors use their own cell phone to take photos of houses and fill out the questions on a mobile app. Most inspections take 10 minutes.

Online training provided at no cost.

By law, mortgage companies and banks are required to document the occupancy and physical condition of all delinquent mortgage loans. To do this they send a Property Inspector to the physical property to take specific photos and to reasonably determine if the property is occupied or vacant. The property inspector then reports the general condition of the property using a mobile app. Easy work. Knowing how to follow Google Maps on a route beneficial.

Mortgage Field Service Inspectors are property inspectors who:

  • Determine if a property is occupied or vacant.
  • Rate the property as Good, Fair, or Poor.
  • Take photos of the property using your own smart cell phone.
  • Fill out a form on your cell phone using a downloadable mobile application.
  • Determine the condition of the lawn as Good, Fair, or Poor.
  • Provide occupancy indicator photos such as: a car in the driveway, a porch light on, the lawn is maintained, etc.
  • Provide photos of any damages on vacant properties.
  • Complete interior inspections on vacant properties as directed.

Most property inspections take about 5 to 10 minutes each. Payments are provided using direct deposit only. A set of entry keys are provided upon hire, used to enter foreclosed properties, when necessary. This is an ongoing sub-contractor position paid by fees per each inspection.


  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check.
  • Must have dependable transportation (good gas mileage is a plus).
  • Must have a smart phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Must have a printer/scanner (or easy access to both).
  • Must a desktop/laptop or tablet to print from.


  • Fees based on area and volume.
  • Rural areas may pay more per inspection.
  • Inspections are assigned to county territories.

This job is simply a matter of reading and following instructions, driving to the properties, snapping your photos, filling out the form on your cell phone app, hitting the upload button, and you move on to the next inspection. It's that easy!

You can also add more counties/parishes to your route if you prove you can handle the extra volume. Higher fees for the more remote areas.

Must take, and pass a free online course that shows you how to complete inspections. Certificate of Completion issued upon passing course.

Job Type: Contract