Supervisor - Chevron

Casa de Fruta - Hollister, CA4.3

30+ days agoFull-time
Company Conformance Statements:
In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

Perform quality work within deadlines, with or without direct supervision.
Interact professionally with other employees, guests and suppliers.
Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.
Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.
Follow all rules, policies and safety guidelines for tasks/job.
Perform any additional tasks as required.

Position purpose: Works under the Store Manager, providing supervisory support to the store and staff during the designated shift.

Perform all duties of a Sweet Shop Cashier;
Contribute to meeting all budgeted figures in the following categories: sales, gross profit, labor, supplies, and cash discrepancies;
Enforce a professional sales and service culture;
Maintain consistent merchandising and housekeeping standards, and purchasing the appropriate assortment of merchandise;
Manage the business efficiently and professionally;
Communicate with all levels of the organization in a professional manner; and
Enforce and adhere to all safety regulations and procedures.
The responsibilities and duties are not limited to those mentioned above. Qualifications: (minimum educational and experience qualifications, required proficiencies with specialized knowledge, required certifications, etc.)

Prior supervisory experience in the retail industry
Able to have basic math skills
Able to follow verbal and written instructions
Able to independently evaluate current conditions against standard and perform tasks necessary to bring areas to standard.
Special Position Requirements: (Any hazard, risk, security issue or related special conditions which apply to the position, i.e. chemicals used, equipment used, cash handling, etc.)

Cash handling is required. Cash discrepancies must not exceed +/- $5.00 per day
Some exposure to cleaning products, (bleach, window cleaners, wax, wax stripper, floor cleaners etc), paint, and other chemicals is required
Must obtain California Food Handlers Certificate within 30 days of employment
Equipment used: hot beverage equipment

Work Requirements: [Actual physical work required, i.e. standing at cash register, loading items onto shelves, sitting, working at a computer, etc – include approximate amount of time per day- N (Never), O (Occasionally up to 3 hrs per day), F(Frequently, 3 – 6 hrs per day), C (Constantly, 6 – 8+ hrs per day), based on 8 hour shift.)]

Standing/Walking (working at coffee bar, scooping ice cream, operating cash register, etc) - C

Repetitive pushing/pulling (scooping ice cream, scrubbing, wiping, mopping, sweeping, etc) – F

Climbing, working from ladder or stepstool (stocking, merchandising, dusting) – O

Bending/stooping (scooping ice cream, merchandising, stocking, emptying trash, etc) – O

Kneeling (cleaning floors, stocking, merchandising, etc) - O

Lifting up to 10 lbs – O

Reaching (stocking, merchandising, cleaning walls, windows, mirrors, etc) - O

Overhead work (stocking, merchandising, cleaning walls, windows, etc.) - O

Working at a computer - O

(Tasks vary by day, not all tasks are performed every day)

Preferences: [Preferred attributes for the position which are not absolutely required in the minimum qualifications (i.e., multilingual, college degree)]

Able to read and write English
Bilingual (English and Spanish) is a plus