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Steak n Shake | Great Basin SNS, LLC - Reno, NV3.2


Back of House Team Members have the important duty of making sure the customers are happy and satisfied. They are to expeditiously make orders while not sacrificing quality for quantity. All menu items must be fresh and comply with Steak ‘n Shake food preparation processes. The BOH Associate must be able to be a team player in order to expedite orders for customers. Must be at least 16 years of age.

Job Descriptions & Requirements

Grill Associate

Your main duty will be preparing and cooking steak burger sandwiches as well as melts and other menu items requiring the grill. Your finished orders will be sent to the Dress table. Your service will need to be friendly and polite.

Dress Table Associate
Your main duty will be to dress the burgers and to make french fries, as well as chili and other items on the menu while keeping a friendly and polite demeanor.
Drive-Through Associate

Your main duty will be to serve those using the restaurant’s drive-thru services. You are in charge of handling payments and serving orders in a friendly, polite and expedient manner.

Busser/Dishwasher Associate
The main task for this job is to wash the dishware, pans and pots. Other responsibilities include cleaning both inside and outside of the restaurant. You are in charge of maintaining cleanliness at all stations, always restocking clean plated and utensils for customers.
Fountain Associates As a fountain associate you will be responsible for making milkshakes for the dining room as well as for the drive-through.

Brand: Steak n Shake
Address: 470 South Meadows Parkway Reno, NV - 89521
Property Description: 7702 - 470 South Meadows Pkwy - Reno, NV
Property Number: 7702