Personal Assistant/Nanny/Maid/Driver

Baker Legacy - Beverly Hills, CA

30+ days agoFull-time

We are looking for individual(s) to assist with our family duties both in & outside the house.

Room & board will be provided in our guest house.

Duties would include:

  • Cook all meals
  • Clean House
  • part-time Nanny to 3 kids aged 3,6 &12
  • personal assistant work on the ground
  • Driver to family for various occasions
  • manage family estate
  • basic yard work
  • personal assistant work on the ground

Basic Requirements:

  • Must speak english
  • comfortable around dogs & dog-friendly
  • good with children


Job Description:

Executive Assistant & Nanny


1/3 Executive Assistant 2/3 Nanny cook and housekeeper for Baker family

Responsibility Breakdown: This role will consist of approximately 33% Executive Assistant and 66% Nanny responsibilities (detailed below) This is a very demanding job that is all consuming both at home ,work and with travel to summer to the Hampton and spring to Colorado and winter to Europe

Executive Assistant Role:

The Executive Assistant role entails supporting a very busy coastal and international family . This will involve the effective management and organisation of day-to-day lives as well as their personal properties. The EA will serve as jenny and Jonathan hand in all administrative and operational elements of his professional personal and family life.

EA Responsibilities: Morning every other day

  • Administrative work including answering emails, scheduling appointments, correspondence, booking travel, following up, create & maintain meticulous filing order for Jonathan and Jenny's life.
  • Job works out of home offices , with one days a week at the main offices,
  • Create order to a very Busy Life
  • Complete weekly task status reports and distribute to Jonathan and Jenny complete rolling tasks at hand to dept that need attention .
  • Ship luggage before trips , daily groceries , daily cook , every other day clean, first walk dog on any shift
  • Arrange and manage jenny and Jonathan's schedule and events. with home office ,
  • print and Prep Jonathan with material and information for meetings and events.
  • Create prioritised order of Jenny and Jonathan schedules
  • set face to face meeting with Jenny and Jonathan by email at least one a week to go over open projects, coming months schedule and give him updates on what is not working with solution and options
  • Email and text requests need to be done in 4 hours but no later than end of week.
  • Diligent follow up on all ends
  • Arrange and manage events for KIDS school and social activities, play dates, after-school activities and Travel to and from.
  • Administer (and create functioning system for) all given projects
  • Make sure food and drink are in all location at family house prior to then getting to there various there homes.
  • Provide oversight of homes and ensure that things are in working order; Proactively problem solve when something is not operating properly
  • Morning Errands such as grocery shopping, transportation, dry cleaning etc if you get over loaded hire a intern.
  • Housesitting and dog sitting when required
  • Provide month support with automobiles and parking , washing , waxing in both in all cities
  • Thinking ahead, being proactive and keeping records, in cell phone or in notebooks/ use check lists in order to be able to work independently show report weekly
  • source and scrutinise vendors based on specific needs and projects.
  • Be in communication with all key dept /vendors/partners within the companies
  • you are the gate way to it all. Do not come with a problem unless you have a solution for it.
  • Find services/platform to hire from, when needing additional staff i.e. task rabbit

Nanny Role:

First and foremost, this job entails caring for 3 daughters times when parents are in NYC.

Nanny Responsibilities: approx Every two weeks 50%

  • To ensure her safety, comfort, healthy development and general well-being when not at school/ in care of others.
  • Supporting kids if Jenny or Jonathan can not their every day routines: dressing. eating, playing, completing schoolwork, engaging in extra-curricular activities.
  • Driving/taking her from school/after school activities
  • Helping with household chores in the homes when needed, such as cleaning up kitchen, filling up dishwasher, washer, drier, tidying up etc. to ensure that living conditions are clean and well organized. (More thorough cleaning of the homes will be handled by a cleaning service once per week and is not the sole responsibility.) You will always make sure the homes are tidy daily .
  • Cooking with kids
  • Serving as an example of decorum, self discipline, ethical and well-mannered behavior to model and admire.
  • Traveling with the family on holidays on occasion when not on vacations or dog sitting.



Additional Details:

School Schedule

Kids will start school in September between 9-3 pm each weekday. The EA will either drop off or pick up Trease from school on most days when not working YOU ARE NOT A BABY SITTER so lead with education or sports in mind. KNOW THIS SCHEDULE and place in jenny and jonathan schedules

time allocation and deadlines of job will be decided by you in a timely matter you see fit. If projects or time lines are not met then you first set a face to face with Jonathan and go over solution not the problems ASAP.

Being on Time ALWAYS

Tuesday is Tuesday and 10am is 10am not 9:55 am not 10:05 am its 10am be on time. Always leave enough time for travel. Weekly Monday and Friday reporting to Jonathan in excel for open projects.

Rules & Requirements

  • The hired individual will be asked to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) with regards to family various businesses and their children.
  • Will need you to provide a copy of Passport, DL, SS, Credit report, DMV report and current utility bill.
  • Meeting with more than 1 friend at the same time during work hours is prohibited. Any guests must adhere to the same behavioural guidelines listed herein.
  • Welcoming guests into the families homes requires permission from Jonathan in advance.
  • The EA must be understand programs like Excel, Word, Gmail, Skype. Technical know-how is a plus. An email address will be provided in order to conduct business name as well as a laptop on request for business use.

Working Hours and working space

  • Based on 40 hours per week, dispersed over a month. Can be more hours one week and then fewer hours the following week. Days and evenings. Preferably 2 days off in a row though this may not always be the case. Time will be rolled over if needed for time off i.e. no days off in July but in aug you will have time off paid.
  • all time tasks must have a email record. Detailed schedule will be arranged on a weekly basis in advance.
  • This is a 5 day a week job but on call 6 days and evening when not traveling.
  • Work on some national holidays will be requested and communicated well in advance as that implies traveling with the family for holidays.
  • While traveling with on holidays, there will be a stronger focus on the nanny aspect if not on set and the days/evenings may be split up in smaller hourly shifts, ie 8-noon, 4-8 pm etc or part of the day and then evening shifts as well, to accommodate family schedules.
  • Stay over on long weekends a must a parent leave town every six - eight weeks

Compensation/ Vacation / Weekend / night and stay overs .

  • $50,00 annually. Plus Paid vacation time off after one year after one year.
  • 3 paid sick days a year
  • All travel expenses paid while working for the family,
  • Food costs covered while working as the nanny only during scheduled times.
  • Credit card given to the position and will require detailed handling of receipts for proper bookkeeping.
  • Split shift during a day week will be include weeks.
  • Night shift once a week
  • Overnights a must


  • This is an at-will contract with a mutual 7 day notice period.You are an expert employee under care taker hours, Should inappropriate behaviour or negligence be discovered, it will result in instant termination.
  • Cliff Notes i.e. examples
  • Personal Assisting
  • Run VA Office in cloud and phones
  • International Affairs
  • Purchase and Returns
  • Passport Handling
  • Accountant Paperwork Exchange
  • Household Replenishment
  • Internal Exchanges

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $80,000.00 /year


  • personal assistant: 1 year (Preferred)
  • babysitting: 1 year (Preferred)


  • High school (Required)


  • Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Preferred)


  • California Drivers License (Required)