Attendance Office & Library Assistant

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The primary purpose of this job is to provide clerical support to one or more functions of a high school. Work is usually coordinated by the office manager and/or a building administrator. Functional areas covered by this job include: main office, counseling, attendance, health clinic, student registration, and other areas identified by the building principal.

Responsibilities for this job usually involve more than one functional area. Although the functions listed below are considered essential functions, their association with any particular position will depend on the configuration of duties determined by the building principal.

General Office Support
  • Prepare correspondence, forms and memoranda; generate reports; proof and edit various documents; prepare, assemble, duplicate and distribute documents via hardcopy and electronic copy; sort and distribute mail.
  • Greet office visitors and answer telephone calls; provide information, take message, or route visitor/caller to the appropriate staff member; communicate with administrators and custodian using mobile communications equipment.
  • Process student fines. Maintain fine list; collect fine payments and other fees; issue receipts; count, verify and deposit funds collected; compile reports for building and district use.
  • Assist in management of student lockers; assign lockers to students; prepare and submit maintenance requests for damaged lockers; maintain records of locker assignments.
  • Compile information, prepare and distribute student and staff daily bulletins.
  • Distribute and collect free and reduced lunch program forms; advise students/parents regarding the completion of forms.
  • Distribute, collect, review and forward Medicaid Match forms to appropriate District staff member.
  • Distribute and process extra-hour forms and travel requests.
  • Order and distribute textbooks.
  • Perform minor maintenance and replenish supplies for office equipment; arrange for major maintenance and repair.
  • Provide a variety of back-up and peak-load assistance to student registration, counseling, school nurse, main office, and/or attendance office.
  • Assist in overseeing work of student assistants including training, assigning of tasks, and recommending grades.
  • Assist in supervising students in hallways, lunchroom, and/or locker room; monitor student behavior, maintain discipline, maintain student safety; take action to stop and redirect inappropriate student behavior; assist in documenting student discipline including scheduling and recording of detentions.

  • Counseling/Student Registration Support
  • Greet students; schedule appointments with counselors.
  • Gather information and assemble records of entering students; assist in the orientation of new students. Prepare records for student withdrawals; oversee return of books/materials and payment of fines.
  • Receive referrals from staff for student participation in Saul Haas Program. Complete disbursement report form; obtain appropriate signatures; forward application to District Office; maintain checking account; reconcile checking account with activity account; compile and submit annual report.
  • Receive student academic progress reports from teachers; sort, collate, and mail reports to parents.
  • Establish and maintain files of counselor-related data.
  • Organize standardized testing programs; inventory and distribute testing materials; monitor student participation in testing; schedule make-up testing sessions; collect completed testing materials and return to appropriate office.
  • Monitor work of identified students; assist identified students with organizing academic assignments including homework; report progress of identified students to counselors.
  • Assist counselors with organization/coordination of special events and field trips.

  • Health Clinic
  • Provide first aid medical care to ill or injured students; contact parents and arrange transportation as needed; administer medications as authorized.
  • Collect student forms; maintain health-related records; enter health-related information into student database.
  • Maintain data regarding temporary schedule changes for injured students; facilitate accessibility for temporarily or permanently disabled students.
  • Assist school nurse with record-keeping and scheduling of appointments.

  • Attendance Office
  • Process daily attendance issues. Admit students who have been absent or arrive at school after the beginning of the school day; respond to general questions from students or parents about attendance or truancy; process requests for early dismissal; enter absences/attendance deviations by student by period into database; process data for calls to parents using automated telephone dialing system.
  • Receive and respond to incoming telephone calls. Respond to inquiry or, if necessary, document concern, research issue and call back with response; route call to another staff member if appropriate.
  • Assist in maintaining building compliance with state law regarding student attendance (Becca Bill). Assist with tracking attendance and sending letters to parents.
  • Screen adults who wish to see a student or request early dismissal. Check ID of police, court personnel, or authorized District or external-agency staff; verify whether parent or another adult has authorization to visit with or release a student.
  • Provide requested attendance-related information to administrators or security personnel.
  • Arrange delivery of messages or items to students from parents or staff members.
  • Print and file reports from student database.
  • Oversee work of student office assistants. Train students in attendance office procedures; assign and review tasks; assign grades.
  • Employee Attendance Expectation
    • Maintain regular attendance; adhere to board policy and leave provisions as stated in the collective bargaining agreement.

    • Other essential functions related to this job may be identified by the building principal and appropriate Human Resources staff.


    Reports to assigned administrator. Interacts regularly with classified and certificated staff at the building and throughout the District. Contacts with individuals outside of the district may include contacts with parents, staff from various community and governmental agencies, and various vendors.


    The daily work is performed in an office setting and at various sites within the school. Conditions vary with specific position assignments. In general, job incumbents may be required to: visually concentrate on detail; be confined to work station; be exposed to interruptions; be dexterous and/or precise; stand for prolonged periods; lift or carry heavy objects; be exposed to infectious diseases; be exposed to high noise levels; deal with distraught, angry or hostile individuals; be exposed to clear threat to physical safety; and deal with bodily fluids. Additional working conditions may apply to specific job assignments.


    Successful job incumbents will demonstrate a level of the knowledge, skills and abilities as listed below.

    Education and Experience

    High school diploma or equivalent with training in secretarial procedures and two years of increasingly responsible secretarial experience are required. Advanced technical training in secretarial procedures may substitute on a month-for-month basis for up to two years of required experience.

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Knowledge of correct grammar, spelling, and English usage.
    • Effective oral/written communication skills.
    • Ability to be flexible in adjusting plans and activities as priorities change.
    • Ability to coordinate multiple requests, schedules and activities.
    • Ability to deal with children in a caring and confident manner.
    • Ability to deal with sensitive information and honor confidentiality.
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, parents, students, outside vendors, and general public.
    • Ability to evaluate multiple demands and assign priority for each in order to maximize production and accuracy.
    • Ability to operate and trouble-shoot office equipment and machinery including copiers, printers, scanners, facsimile machines, and telephone equipment.
    • Ability to operate computer including advanced applications using word processing, spreadsheet, database, and specialized software.
    • Ability to remain consistent, calm and fair under pressure.
    • Ability to screen student illness or injuries; ability to treat minor injuries.
    • Ability to synthesize and organize a variety of documents and maintain both hardcopy and electronic files of these documents.
    • Ability to understand and apply state laws and resulting regulations relating to student attendance and other student issues.

    Licenses/Special Requirements

    Current first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillator
    (AED) certification required.




    Evaluation responsibilities are assigned to the assigned administrator.

    JOB TITLE: Library Assistant

    REPORTS TO: Building Principal or other identified administrator

    UNIT CLASSIFICATION: Renton Education Support Professionals (RESP) Level 1



    The primary purpose of this position is to provide support to a library program. The incumbent of this position checks library materials in and out, sorts and shelves books and other library materials, helps staff and students locate desired materials, enters data about library patrons and library materials into a database system, repairs books, processes books for disposal, assists in monitoring students in the library, and prepares exhibits and bulletin boards.


    1. Check books in and out of the library; notify parents/family of overdue materials; review condition of returned materials before sorting or shelving; assist students by answering questions about library resources and locating materials desired.
    2. Manage information about library patrons; process data for new library users by entering appropriate data; create checkout card; when students withdraw from the school, check to see if they have items checked out and institute process to recover outstanding items; delete withdrawn students from database.
    3. Manage information about library collection by entering appropriate data into database system; determine Accelerated Reader level, if appropriate; produce barcodes and attach to books; prepare books for shelving and checkout.
    4. Sort and shelve books and other materials; review stacks to make sure materials remain in appropriate order.
    5. Repair damaged books or arrange for repair; identify damaged books which are not able to be repaired and delete them from the database; prepare discarded books for delivery to designated site.
    6. Assist in maintaining physical arrangement of library; turn on computers; gather paper and garbage to discard; straighten chairs and tables; clean tables and computers as needed.
    7. Prepare exhibits and bulletin boards under guidance from librarian.
    8. Provide general clerical support to librarian; maintain files; make copies; answer phone; collect mail; and assist librarian as requested.
    9. Respond to teacher requests for materials and guidance; refer requests/questions to librarian if appropriate.
    10. Assist with inventory of library materials.


    Reports to Building Principal or other identified administrator. Interacts regularly with certificated program staff, other certificated staff, program and building administrators and classified staff. Contacts with parents/guardians may occur but are under the direction of the classroom teacher or administrator.


    Successful job incumbents will demonstrate a level of the knowledge, skills and abilities as listed below.

    Education and Experience

    High school diploma or equivalent is required. Experience working with students in an academic setting is preferred.

    Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    1. Knowledge of assigned subject areas.
    2. Effective oral and written communication in English language, including correct grammar and spelling usage.
    3. Ability to learn and apply effective instructional methods and strategies in reading and math and associated instructional methods.
    4. Ability to work with students in a caring and confident manner.
    5. Ability to maintain sensitivity to, and to work with, students who have a broad range of skills and abilities and who come from diverse backgrounds.
    6. Ability to problem solve and help students problem solve and manage conflict.
    7. Ability to be flexible with changes in assignments or situations and to work under pressure.
    8. Ability to set priorities for work and meet deadlines.
    9. Ability to organize and coordinate activities.
    10. Ability to follow instructions.
    11. Ability to be flexible in adjusting plans and activities as priorities change.
    12. Ability to deal with sensitive information and honor confidentiality.
    13. Ability to operate a computer, including basic applications using email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and specialized software.
    14. Ability to set up and maintain accurate hard copy and electronic filing systems.
    15. General clerical skills and ability to operate office equipment and machinery including copiers, printers, scanners, facsimile machines, telephone and other equipment.
    16. Ability to work effectively as a member of a team.
    17. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with teachers, students, staff and the general public.

    Licenses/Special Requirements

    Evaluation responsibilities are assigned to the Elementary Principal.

    Salary and benefits consistent with the Renton Education Support Professionals agreement.

    * * The list of essential functions in this job description is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary by determination of an appropriate administrator and Human Resources.