Mgr, Homeownership Prog

The Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta (AHA) - Atlanta, GA

Department: Real Estate Investments & Finance
Position Title: Manager, Homeownership Programs
Reports To: Director, Homeownership Prorgams
FLSA Status: Exempt
Direct Reports: N/A

Position Summary:
To manage all administrative and fiscal functions of the REIF Howeonership program, initiatives, and outreach to ensure sufficient department operations. To provide guidance and assistance to clients on home buyer resources, opportunities and access to related support and financing.

Serve as the accountable party for the administrative procedures/processes which have a significant impact on the success of the homeownership programs. The position requires that guidance and administrative support be provided to existing and new clients and internal staff. The analysis, reliability, accuracy, tact, recommendations and technical expertise in handling these duties directly influence and impact the effectiveness and timely progress of the program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Budget, Grant and Contract Administration.
The Homeownership Program Manager participates in the preparation, development, implementation, monitoring, and control of the homeownership budget and financial data pertaining to various programs, costs and expenditures. The incumbent maintains and reviews all financial documents; approves and verifies accuracy of expenditures; establishes controls on expenditures; reconciles account activity; and initiates and completes all correspondence necessary to resolve discrepancies in fiscal transactions.
Tracks client status, outcomes, and benchmarks; ensures accurate communication/notification to senior staff. Prepares quarterly reports and establishes plan to close out grant timely. Ensures grant compliance with all contractual, and regulatory requirements.
Serves as the departmental contract administrator for the contracts entered into to provide the homeownership services. Establishes contract files, reviews all invoices for accuracy, monitors and evaluates contractors’ performance.
Develops and prepares budget reports and financial projections; monitor the accounts throughout the year; and is the primary point of contact on all auditing matters.
Through electronic identification of resources, networking and collaborative means, assist in identifying funding opportunities through both traditional and non-traditional sources.
Through periodic internal and external feedback procedures, measure effectiveness of operations and proposes methods for continuous improvement. Identify actual or potential problem areas, trends, and significant deficiencies and make recommendation and/or take corrective actions.
Perform other related duties as the Vice President of Real Estate Development deems necessary.

Program Development & Administration
Formulate and/or revise as necessary homeownership plans and policies for HOPE VI Revitalizations. Implement plans and maintain files necessary for HOPE VI Quarterly Reporting.
Provide one-on-one homeownership counseling to AHA clients interested in Homeownership opportunities at various HOPE VI Revitalization sites.
Serve as the primary point of contact between AHA/REDA and homeownership contractors and partners.
Establish and maintain partnerships with other homeownership agencies, local lenders, realtors and/or other services beneficial to AHA clients, housing initiatives and outreach. The expectation is that these contacts are established to exchange information, resolve problems; secure services coordinate or advise on work efforts and suggest new ideas.
Serves as a member of the Homeownership Loan Committee and presents underwriting analysis of each client to the committee for review.
Coordinate and work with customers, contractors, partners and/or affiliates to conduct housing fairs/seminars and/or training sessions for AHA clients, employees, or community development partners. This includes scheduling event(s), securing speakers, organizing participants, and/or liaison for service provider.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
Knowledge of all components of housing counseling that target first time homebuyers. Knowledge of market and sources for home buyers, with emphasis on first time home buyers. Ability to communicate orally including interpersonal relationships. Skill in writing and ability to communicate in writing. Strong organizational skills to multi-task, shift competing priorities. Knowledge and understanding of program management, and ability to present recommendations and conclusions in the manner most useful. Skill in analyzing program accounting data to identify and justify budget issues and report accordingly.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in a related field with three to five years related experience or equivalent combination of education and/or experience. Work may require demonstrated proficiency of current office technology and software applications; and demonstrated use of such technology applications on a regular basis. Knowledge of the homeownership process and Department of Housing & Urban Development rules and requirement preferred. A general understanding of the Fair Housing Act rules and regulations; and previous training and/or public speaking are a plus.

Working Conditions:
Work in an office environment. May be required to have a valid State of Georgia driver’s license and be fully insurable for the purpose of obtaining clearance on company “Authorized Drivers List”.