IT Engineer 1 - Sunnyvale, CA (30+ days ago)2.9

The IT Engineer 1 position is responsible for troubleshooting and resolving basic to intermediate support issues for Righthand IT clients and for escalating more advanced client issues to the next support tier; support issues may include Windows and Mac OS issues, Microsoft Office issues, mail-related issues, Active Directory user account and permissions issues, virus cleanups, basic server-side issues, backup monitoring and file restorations, and other issues that can typically be resolved in one hour or less. The IT Engineer 1 is also responsible for being the primary technician to answer phone calls from clients seeking support; based on the apparent support issue level, he/she may either work with the client directly or may redirect the call to another engineer. Client-related support issues may arrive via either phone call, email, or assigned support ticket.

The IT Engineer 1 is also responsible for documenting all support issues in Righthand IT's ticketing system, ensuring that all support requests have an associated ticket that has a concise description and is updated with work performed and time spent on the issue. The IT Engineer 1 is responsible for ensuring that the client with the issue is communicated with throughout the troubleshooting process.

This position is located in Louisville, Colorado

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled