College Credit- Sports Management Internship - Spring 2020

D-BAT Atlanta - Atlanta, GA4.0

InternshipEstimated: $73,000 - $98,000 a year
The Business Operations Intern is an internship program that works in coordination with all aspects within D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academy. The Sports Management Internship is a 4-5 month unpaid program applied towards college credits. The team members that are part of the Sports Business Operations Internship will work with the many of the Senior Leadership team and our Internship Project Leader to work on real life strategic projects that cover a wide range of business areas within the sports industry. We believe in equipping interns with a wealth of resources and knowledge while challenging them with high level strategic projects. Our goal is to provide the best possible learning environment for someone who wants to learn a ton and have real like experience working in high level leadership challenges. We will give you an experience that most do not encounter until 10-15 years into their career.

While this position will require typical business hours M-F 8am-5pm, this is a program that is focused on results and may require some additional work hours. Facilities are open until 9:00pm during the week and every Saturday and Sunday. Based upon current schedule needs, this role could be asked to work an occasional night or weekend. All schedules are subject to change.

This is an Operations Team Intern level position with an award-winning company that is in growth mode. It can allow the right person to grow within this role and expand their skill sets for future opportunities and growth.

Job Functions:
Assists in Projects to Improve the following overall Top Business Problems to Solve
Drive more value to members
Improving process behind instructional quality
Improving employee culture
Becoming a proactive vs reactive company
Acquire, grow, and retain top talent/future leaders
Assist in Projects to Improve the following overall business functions
Business Planning Calendar
New Business Line Development Process (i.e. Softball, Speed & Agility, Etc.) & Timeline
New Service Line Development Process (i.e. Professional Instruction) & Timeline
New Promotion or Special Development Process (i.e. Inaugural Packages) & Timeline
Assist in Projects to Improve the following HR functions
New Organizational Structure
Build Partnerships with Organizations for Pipelines of Talent
Finding an Elite FT Baseball Lead for the Market
Roles/ Responsibilities- Checklist Overhaul
HR Interview Process Refinement (Screener, Hiring Manager, Expert & Leader)
Develop Performance Reviews & Evaluation Process for Every Employee Type
Building Relationships with Professional Sports/ Minor League Baseball, Colleges & High Schools in the area
HR Process Improvement Automation (Integration with all 3rd party Systems, Automated Email Responses upon Application, Pipeline Mgmt.)
Training Overhaul that Fits all Processes
New Hire Training & Ongoing with new Hires
Ongoing Training Requirement based upon Level & Years of Service- Feeds into Performance Review
Assist in Projects to Improve the following IT Functions
Operational Systems
Payroll System
Constant Contact
Assist in Projects to Improve the following Marketing Functions
Marketing Strategy
Print Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Clothing/ Branding
Promotional Events
Assist other Operational Excellence team Members with the following functions:
HR: Lead and manage the entire HR Function and associated processes
Identify Talent (Utilize recruiting tools and functions to get access to top talent)
Facilitating and driving the Talent approval process (Scheduling and Coordination of Interviews and Interview Feedback)
Evolving, maintaining, and managing the Pre-Employment Paperwork and "checklist"
Develop a career path along with a career management program
Develop, maintain, and manage a employee development and evaluation process
Scheduling: Lead and manage Operation Management (All 5 Sites)
Scheduling of Front Office Staff
Scheduling of Instructors published Monthly and always stays 30 days in advance
Acct/ P2P: Lead and manage the Procure to Pay Function and associated processes
Procurement Mgmt./ Cost Reduction
Invoice Processing
Expense Reimbursement
Billing and Payment Processing
Corporate Credit Card Management
Incentive Calculations to send to Mark for Payroll

Compensation / Credits:
This position is an unpaid internship that is designed to help with college credit. You can use this position for the college credit you need for an internship in your specific major. You will receive whatever credit needed to fulfill that internship requirement.

Humble- Willingness to learn
Hungry- A want to pursue excellent
Smart- Great at relationships and aptitude to learn
Passion- A passion for the HR function
Aptitude- The ability to learn the HR function

Growth- A desire to continually grow both personally and professionally while still having contentment
Excellence- A constant and consistent pursuit toward EXCELLENCE in both little and big things
Flexibility- ability to be flexible with responsibilities and task within a small business that is growing and maturing
Passion- A contagious internal energy that attracts team members toward you and ignites them to be their very best self
Communication Skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to detail and follow up with employees and owners