Director of Finance

North Providence School District - North Providence, RI

DESCRIPTIONUnder the direction of the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of Finance is to account for and record the business affairs of the district in such a way as to provide the best possible educational service with the financial resources available. The Director of Finance will keep the necessary accounting records and other documentation to facilitate sound fiscal management of the School District and advise the Superintendent of appropriate, lawful and best practices for business affairs. Responsible for Food Service Operations and Finance, Grant Management, UCOA, Insurance, Management of the Financial Management/Accounting Software, Annual Fiscal Audit, Financial Statements, Budget Preparation, Budget Monitoring, Fixed Asset Reporting, Student Activity Accounts any and all funding for the School Department. Responsible for Payroll.

Accounts Payable and Purchasing. Oversees Controller, Payroll Manager, and Accounts Payable Clerk. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESIdentify and apply various organizational leadership models.Identify techniques for motivating others, delegating authority, decision making, information processing, planning and allocating resources.Examine methods of assigning personnel and resources to accomplish specific goals and objectives and to utilize scheduling techniques for the coordination of tasks to maximize personnel and resource utilization.Identify problems, securing relevant information, and recognizing possible causes of conflict.Ability to question techniques, fact-finding, categorizing information and retention of relevant data.Ability to apply concepts of change, group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and effective problem solving.Ability to delegate and assign responsibilities to subordinates, collect, analyze, and evaluate information to generate contingency plans, and apply basic concepts of organizational development.Maintain a system for budget and accounting controlMaintain the strictest confidence concerning personnel, students, and operational concerns of the district.PLANNING RESPONSIBILITIES: Prepare a budget calendar to meet the time constraints of budget preparation.Apply the legal requirements for budget adoption.Recognize and forecast the major sources of revenue available to public schools from local, state and federal levels of government.Maximize state and federal aids for the district.Explore alternative and innovative revenue sources and expenditure efficiencies.FISCAL MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop and maintain an accurate fiscal accounting system by employing accounting procedures that conform with the Rhode Island Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA), maintaining accounts payable and accounts receivable in good order and current, and working cooperatively and effectively with the auditors of this district and all administrators.Maintain a thorough data reporting system for the completion of financial reports required by the Federal, State, and Local Government.Organize and report all State reports required for Housing Aid Reimbursement.Assist in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and presentation of the district budget. Oversee school property and liability insurance programs including the fixed assets inventory system.Oversee the payroll system and coordinate employee benefit programs and the reporting system for these programs to Federal and State Government.Oversee the school lunch program and preparation of required reports for the program.Attend School Committee meeting and other sub-committees meetings as necessary.Present financial reports to the School Committee as required.

Including a monthly projection of Budget Outcomes.Any other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIESWorking knowledge of district and school rules, state and federal regulations, and policies applicable to area of assignment.Ability to work effectively with district personnel, administrators, staff, parents, outside agencies, other school districts, and the community.Keen ability to use data in the decision making process and strong analytical and problem-solving skills.Ability to continuously elevate professional contributions through ongoing reflection, building upon previous learning, and being open and receptive to ongoing feedback.Ability to communicate and understand information and ideas effectively verbally and in writing.Ability to learn and proficiently use various school-related systems and databases.Ability to multitask and prioritize work to meet time sensitive deadlines.Ability to handle difficult in-person situations and telephone inquiries which require courtesy, tact, and professionalism.