Recreation Services Supervisor

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Filing Opens: May 14, 2018 at 8:00 AM
Filing Closes: June 14, 2018 at 5:00 PM
JOB TYPE: Permanent

Supervises recreation activities at one or more parks or facilities, and under general direction, develops and administers specialized recreation programs and activities.

Positions allocable to this class report to a higher level manager and supervise Recreation Services Leaders in carrying out recreation activities. Incumbents are responsible for the planning, development, organization and evaluation of a comprehensive recreational park program within an assigned geographical area and for developing and implementing local, agency, or countywide recreation programs. Employees must have knowledge of parks and recreation programs and activities; knowledge of principles and practices of supervision and administration; knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal service; the ability to supervise, train, develop, and motivate staff; the ability to effectively promote recreation activities and programs to the public; and effective verbal and written communication skills.

Essential Job Functions
Plans, develops, and markets specialized recreation programs (such as arts
and crafts, nature study, theater arts, music, dance, athletics, and water activities) and events (such as specific holiday, cultural, athletic, educational, and community events) taking place at a specific facility, for use by local or regional community members, by reviewing information on community needs, resources and logistics for various recreational activities or events, and facility characteristics, creating program plans, and developing and disseminating marketing materials, to enrich community quality and engagement.

Evaluates existing recreation programs by reviewing, compiling, and reporting data on program attendance, participant surveys, public comment and discussion, or direct observation, to assess the effectiveness of existing recreation programs, (including quality, logistics, alignment of implementation with intended purpose, etc.) services, or facilities.

Makes changes or recommendations for additions, deletions, or other modifications of programs or events, or proposes new programs (including needed staffing hours, resources and facilities) by using information collected through program evaluation methods, to improve program effectiveness and utilization.

Collaborates and maintains liaison with community groups, local agencies, other County departments, elected officials, and other groups regarding local, agency, or countywide recreation programs or events, by representing the department and exchanging information about current and future programs, anticipated changes, complaints or concerns, or community interest, to ensure that programs meet the needs and interests of community members.

Oversees the logistics of programs and events, including scheduling of games, tournaments and athletic meets, facility use, staffing assignments, equipment availability and setup, by direct attendance, supervision, and participation, to ensure quality of program implementation.

Inspects facilities and equipment for safety, cleanliness, and proper operation, by direct observation, completes and submits appropriate documentation, and submits subsequent requests for repair of equipment, to safeguard participants' safety and health.

Supervises subordinate staff and volunteers by training, assigning work, and monitoring, evaluating, and managing their performance in recreation and parks services, to enable and ensure high quality of work.

Monitors staff activity and reviews program data by direct observation, participation, and supervision to ensure program and staff compliance with all County policies and procedures, standards of quality and safety, and applicable local, state and federal laws or regulations.

Develops budget proposals for facility operations, including all programs, events, and staffing, by analyzing anticipated revenue from registration fees or other sources, and recurrent hourly budget allocated by the County, monitors and deposits funds, and reports revenue and expenditures to supervisor, to ensure fiscal health and accountability.

Seeks sources of funding such as donations, sponsorships, or partnerships, for programs or events by written correspondence, direct personal contact, or presentation at meetings, from businesses, corporations, or private parties and groups, to enable the provision of recreation programs and events.

Manages contract service agreements with external recreation specialists, by initiating, developing, and monitoring service agreements, to secure relevant expertise, ensure program instruction quality, and document mutual expectations for program services and instructor compensation.


Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor`s degree or higher* and one year of experience conducting or assisting in the development and delivery of recreation programs. Each additional year of experience will substitute for one year of college* up to a maximum of two years.**

  • OR-
Two years of experience at the level of Recreation Services Leader, Permanent*** in the service of the Los Angeles County.****

A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions.

  • In order to receive credit for any college course work, or any type of college degree, you must include a legible copy of the official diploma, official transcripts, or official letter from the accredited institution which shows the area of specialization with your application or within 15 calendar days of filing your application.
Please note that applicants who will meet the college course work or degree requirement by June 30, 2018 may also apply but will be withheld from the certification list until all requirements are met and a copy of the degree, official transcript, or equivalency report by an academic credential evaluation agency is submitted. Applicants must clearly state the date that the degree will be conferred on the employment application to qualify.

** Applicants who have completed 60 semester/90 quarter units from an accredited college, must have three years of the required experience. Applicants who have completed 90 semester/135 quarter units from an accredited college, must have two years of the required experience.

*** Option 2: Permanent means that an employee has passed their initial probationary period and is scheduled 40 hours per week.

**** Option 2: Recreation Services Leader, Permanent coordinates or organizes recreation and program activities at one or more parks or facilities under direct supervision. Must have knowledge of parks and recreation programs and activities.

2 - Light. Light physical effort which may include occasional light lifting to a 10 pound limit, and some bending, stooping or squatting. Considerable walking may be involved.

EXAMINATION CONTENT: This examination will consist of two (2) parts:
Part I, weighted 60% of the overall exam score will consist of:

This examination will consist of a multiple choice test weighted 60% that contains both computerized and paper-and-pencil components covering written expression, reading comprehension, data analysis & decision making, deductive reasoning ability, management potential, professional potential, achievement, flexibility, thoroughness, sense of duty, innovation, influence, and independence.

Part II, weighted 40% of the overall exam score will consist of:

A structured interview covering professional/technical knowledge, customer focus, office computing, oral communication, interpersonal skills, performance management, teamwork, fiscal acumen, and planning.

Candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on each weighted part of the examination in order to be placed on the eligible list.

The written test is not reviewable by candidates per civil service rule 7.19.

Applicants that have taken the identical written tests for other exams within the last (12) months, will have their written responses for the identical test part(s) automatically transferred to this examination.

This examination contains test part(s) that may be used in the future for new examinations. Upon acceptance of your application, your scores will be transferred to the new examination and you may not be allowed to retake any identical test part(s) for at least a year.

Study guides and other test preparation resources are available to help candidates prepare for employment tests. An interactive, Online Test Preparation System for taking practice tests may be accessed on the Department of Human Resources website at Please click on "Find a Job" and then "Job Search Toolkit." Test Preparation information is located under the "Employment Test Assistance" section. You can also access test preparation for the computerized portion of the test by going to While the guides will help in preparing for the test, we advise you to review all related materials that you deem necessary.

You can also access test preparation for the computerized portion of the test by going to While the guides will help in preparing for the test, we advise you to review all related materials that you deem necessary.

ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The names of candidates receiving a passing score in the examination will be placed on the eligible list for a period of twelve (12) months following the date of promulgation.

Additional Information

FINGERPRINTING AND SECURITY CLEARANCE: Employment is subject to security clearance which may include fingerprinting. Any false statement or omission of material fact may cause forfeiture of employment rights. Information presented on employment applications, resumes and during the examination process is subject to verification.

Employment is subject to passing a medical examination which will be scheduled after security clearance for candidates who receive contingent offers of employment.

VACANCY INFORMATION: The resulting eligible list for this examination will be used to fill vacancies in the Department of Parks and Recreation.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING ONLINE: Go to: and search for "Recreation Services Supervisor." Click on the name of the bulletin you are applying to, click the green "Apply" button. Applicants must submit their applications by 5:00 PM (PST) on the last day of filing.


All information is subject to verification. We may reject your application at any time during the examination process. The acceptance of your application depends on whether you clearly show that you meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.

Please fill out the application completely and correctly so that you will receive full credit for related education, work experience, and receive all corresponding letters/emails regarding your exam status. Be sure your application shows complete information, including dates for education and jobs held which relate to this position. In the space provided for education, include the names and addresses of schools attended, titles of courses completed, dates completed, and number of credits earned. For each job held, give the name and address of your employer, your job title, beginning and ending dates, the number of hours worked per week, detailed description of work performed, your role, level of involvement, independence, size of organization, complexity, and level of accountability surrounding your experience. All information is subject to verification. Failure to provide the complete information may impact assessment of your qualifications and acceptance into the examination process.

Utilizing VERBIAGE from the Class Specification and Minimum Requirements serving as your description of duties WILL NOT be sufficient to demonstrate that you meet the requirements. Doing so may result in an INCOMPLETE APPLICATION and you may be DISQUALIFIED.

CORRESPONDENCE AND UPDATES MAY BE SENT VIA E-MAIL. We strongly advise applicants to add to your e-mail address book/contacts and safe list to ensure receipt of notifications and to check your junk/spam e-mail folder regularly. Should any of your contact information change, including your mailing address, please notify our office.

Please include your Social Security Number for record control purposes. Federal law requires that all employed persons have a Social Security Number.

All applicants must file their application online using their own user ID and password. Using a family member or friend's user ID and password may erase a candidate's original application record.

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