Seasonal Ranger III-Middlesex Fells, Stoneham

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Stoneham, MA3.9

Full-time$3,700 a month
Seasonal Ranger III - North Region
Reports to Botume House, 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham
11/18/18 - 03/16/19 (17 weeks) @40 hrs
TU, WED 1:00PM-9:30PM; THU, FRI, SAT 7:00AM-3:30PM;
SUN MON OFF - 1 opening(s)

About the Department of Conservation and Recreation:
The Department of Conservation and Recreation manages one of the largest and most diverse state parks systems in the nation and protects and enhances natural resources and outdoor recreational opportunities throughout Massachusetts. The DCR system includes over 450,000 acres of parks, forests, water supply protection lands, beaches, lakes, ponds, playgrounds, campgrounds, swimming pools, golf courses, skating rinks, trails and parkways.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation seeks qualified applicants for the position Seasonal Ranger III.

Bureau Operation:
Prepares budget requests for staff, equipment and materials to adequately maintain the operation of the Bureau of Ranger Services within the assigned region; and procure equipment and materials as approved.

Recommends and maintains policies for governing the actions and functions of the Bureau of Ranger Services.

Maintains an inventory of and maintain the condition of issued equipment.

Completes Bureau records, reports, files, and logs.

Conduct statewide and Bureau duties as assigned.

Administers special Bureau programs as assigned.

Writes and recommends regulations for promulgation.

Recommends program priorities by evaluating incident reports and interviewing Park Supervisors and other employees, determine frequency of occurrence of violations and direct appropriate agency assets to resolve.

Works closely with Park Supervisors, Regional staff, and Dept. Administrators on DCR land management issues and planning efforts.

Conducts patrols, effectively utilizing techniques and available resources, to enforce applicable laws, regulations, provide visitor services, assess facility resources, and other public services as required.

Conducts patrol of unstaffed facilities.

Conducts investigations on behalf of the department, based on policy and assignment and prosecutes violators in the name of the Department.

Administers the Law Enforcement detail program for West Region.

Supervises Ranger personnel through interviewing and hiring applicants; providing job training and orientation for assigned rangers; program supervision of the activities of rangers within the assigned region/district; coordinate those activities with Park Supervisors and the Regional Director; and conduct review of evaluation/appraisal of subordinates.

Provides for the training of all personnel within the Bureau of Ranger Services and assist in the training of DCR personnel outside of the ranger program in Bureau related areas.

Attends seminars, workshops, training sessions, etc., in order to maintain proficiencies.

Emergency Response Management:
Coordinates, participates, and/or assists in emergency response planning, enforcement, search and rescue including Regional SAR Team, emergency services, and Law Enforcement details on DCR lands.

Acts as a primary responder to all major incidents within an assigned area, assist and direct department assets as necessary and conduct investigations relating to same. Assist other regions as necessary.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Salaries are based upon full-time/40 hours worked per week. Work schedules and days off are at the discretion of the Supervisor. This position may require working weekends and/or holidays.


First consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days.

Minimum Entrance Requirements:
Applicants must have at least (A) four years of full time or equivalent part-time experience in park/recreation or resource management, environmental management, water resources or water supply management, or natural/cultural history interpretation, and (B) of which at least two years must have been in a supervisory capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and substitutions below.

I. An Associate's or higher degree with a major in park and/or recreation management, resource management, water resource management, environmental education, or park interpretation may be substituted for a maximum of two years of the required (A) experience.

  • Education towards such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.
NOTE: No substitutions will be permitted for the required (B) experience.

Special Requirements:
1. Possession of a current and valid Massachusetts Class D motor vehicle operator's license.

2. Possession of a current and valid CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) certificate from the American Red Cross or the American heart Association.

3. Possession of a current and valid standard first aid and personal safety certificate and first responder certificate issued by the American Red Cross.