The Emery Company - Houston, TX

Full-timeEstimated: $91,000 - $120,000 a year
Must have a background in polymers resin manufacturing, supply chain logistics and downstream conversion processes.

The successful candidate will prepare and maintain all of the Houston plant’s production processes, procedures and work descriptions. The candidate will have a background in a chemical plant, plastics, resin environment.

The successful candidate will also be responsible for:
Production Process design.
Developing and maintaining their aspects of the ISO 9000 quality system in cooperation with the QC Manager
Lead all quality assurance activities in the plant and train employees accordingly in cooperation with the QC Manager
Facilitating all aspects of process engineering for new and existing products from feasibility testing to process automation.
Developing, updating and improving all process related software
Investigating and integrating new technologies in the processing area.
Designing process protocols, providing analysis of data and generating required compliance documentation.
Troubleshooting and resolution of all process and quality problems
Reduction of costs and quality improvement through engineering approaches.
Acting as the lead on site engineer to coordinate all process related design, equipment bids evaluation, installation and start-up of all production related machines and equipment before releasing lines to normal operation.
Product design

Preparing product structures & matrix for supporting marketing plan and R&D feedback loop.
Review & conducting the ITP (Inspection & Test Plan) & IP (Inspection Procedure) especially for new product. This needs close coordination with quality assurance dept.
Review MSDSs and update production accordingly.
Applied knowledge about various chemicals and polymers and their effects on polymers to assist production department to make the best quality product. This includes advising production department on the chemical and physical properties of the raw materials and their limitations to ensure the compounding processes is optimized and meet or exceed customer product specifications
Prepares reports on trials for Sales and Marketing team to understand the processing limits and capability when running new products.
Key Accountabilities: Strategic Contribution

Understand and follow up all activities related to his job that are connected to the strategy of the company.
Propose the use of quality and process control systems that could be of strategic importance for the company, meaning that can have an important impact to customer satisfaction.

Watch closely the leadership style of the plant management and other colleagues, search for related training on line and live, get familiar with the leadership culture of the company. Budgeting & Cost Control
Be aware of the plant’s cost structure and be always alert on how to reduce operational cost.
Calculate the cost of quality control and find the best balance between customer satisfaction and company’s performance
Customer Relationship Management

Liaise with key contacts inside the company to broaden the relationship, improve communications and ensure satisfaction of the customers.
Liaise with employees of the customers to solve efficiently problems and issues or help them design new or improved raw materials. Operate and Improve Production Lines
Support all production staff to run efficiently all process lines at the design production rate, according to quality specifications
Learn, apply and improve all production related software• Continuously reducing change over time and downtime
Train effectively colleagues
Respect, follow and spread all safety, environmental and loss prevention requirements and procedures.
Apply the continuous improvement culture in the plant, train all personnel to related techniques and methods.
Resolution of internal Issues

Support and coach his colleagues to solve all production internal issues.
Assures process engineers’ communication with other departments (warehouse, logistics, plant management etc) is smooth, to the benefit of the company.

Minimum Qualifications:
BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Polymer Engineering.

Minimum Experience:
7-10 Years (10 years Maximum) Plastics Experience.

Job-Specific Skills:
Process and Production Control Systems Knowledge (SPC, QPC).ERP Knowledge desirable.
English Language
Knowledge of polymers resin manufacturing, supply chain logistics and downstream conversion processes.
Willingness to be involved in the production process at all levels.
Computer Skills.
Project Management education and experience.
High Level Analytical Skills and use of various models and engineering formulas. Knowledge of process factor correlation software (including functions of Excel).
Extended knowledge of the operation and daily maintenance of extruders and bulk conveying systems.
Knowledge of PLC programming and process control

Required experience:
chemicals and polymers, plastics, resin, polyurethane: 7 years

Job Type: Full-time