Immediate Substitute Teachers

DC Prep - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)4.2

Start Date: Rolling

Role Type: Part-time

Compensation: $18.75 hourly


DC Prep is a network of public charter schools serving over 1,700 preschool through 8th grade students across five campuses in Wards 5, 7, and 8. We’re proud of being the highest-performing public charter network in Washington, DC – our students deserve our best! – while recognizing that how we support our students to be successful is as important as the results we achieve. That pushes us to reflect on questions such as how we can facilitate our students’ academic, social and emotional development, how we can support our team members’ professional growth and personal ability to do this work long-term, and how we can engage our students’ families as our own. While this work is hard, it’s worth it – we believe in the transformative power of education, the can-do-itness of our students and staff, and the joy that comes from engaging in meaningful work with people we care about and trust!

Here’s how we drive results:
  • Rigorous academic focus. Our Preppies receive the highest level of academic preparation through standards-based instruction, daily targeted interventions, and meaningful assessments.
  • Culture built on character. Success is built upon character, so we build “Prep Skills” (e.g., persevering on tasks and projects, self-advocacy) into every minute of the day. We’ve built a strong community of Preppies, teachers, and families that are focused on character first.
  • Commitment to reflection and refinement. Our results tell us that we are moving in the right direction, but there’s further to go to ensure that every student receives a transformative education. As a team, we regularly reflect on our programmatic model to see what’s working and where we can get better.
Are you interested in learning more about the DC Prep Way? If so, check out our website to find out more about what we’re working towards and how we’re doing it.


Our substitute teachers support our Preppies’ academic success and character development even when the regular classroom teacher is away by :

  • Preparing thoughtfully. We support our substitute teachers by providing detailed lesson plans. In turn, we expect you to familiarize yourself with the material and continue to deliver high-quality instruction in the regular teacher’s absence. You believe that every minute counts!
  • Embodying the DC Prep Way. We’ve built a strong culture of high expectations and student achievement at DC Prep. You are excited to contribute to this culture and eager to promote the DC Prep Way to students, families, and community members.
  • Spreading joy. You believe in holding students to high academic and behavior expectations, but also take the time to infuse your class with small moments that make learning joyful for all.

Few things in life give you more pleasure than helping a child realize his or her potential for growth and then actually making that growth a reality. You’re passionate about the need for students from underserved communities to learn without limits, the importance of addressing the intersection of race and public education in the U.S., and the transformational power of talented, mission-aligned people working together to advance a goal. You’re open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do. You look for joy in your day-to-day and want to work with others who do, too!

Substituting at DC Prep is an excellent opportunity to gain experience working in a high performing urban school on a part-time basis. In fact, many of our substitutes are currently obtaining degrees in education-related fields with the intention of teaching in the future.


  • Experience working with students in an urban environment required.
  • Bachelor’s degree from a competitive, accredited college or university required.
  • Must be available to work an extended school day from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Belief in DC Prep’s vision, mission, and values, including our commitment to diversity and inclusion

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We’re an equal opportunity employer and hire without consideration of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability. We strongly encourage diverse candidates to apply.