IT Manager

Aperia Technologies - Burlingame, CA

Position Summary

Aperia is seeking a driven and experienced IT Manager to support our entire organization and manage all IT related issues. As the Manager of IT (Information Technology), you will play a pivotal role to help develop, scale, streamline, and maintain our corporate infrastructure. We will lean on you to manage the day to day IT responsibilities while seeking out new technology to support the growth of our start-up company. This position will be based in our Burlingame HQ and will travel to our San Leandro Office.


  • Developing, scaling, managing and maintaining the corporate infrastructure; which includes internal and external office networks, and all corporate IT equipment
  • Maintain and deploy a physical inventory of IT hardware
  • Strong desire for ensuring the highest levels of security, implementing comprehensive monitoring, creating backups/redundancies, researching pertinent IT methodologies
  • Participate in solving challenges related to our IT infrastructure
  • Experience in developing and delivering support strategies
  • Collaborate across company verticals including: Engineering, Operations, Sales, and FGA
  • Experience in networking: Routers, VPN, ISP management, and other technical
  • Build strong relationships, manage and negotiate with supply/vendor contracts
  • Will take on other projects and duties as directed by management

  • Genuine passion for IT and seeks growth in the field
  • 4-8 years of experience in the IT profession
  • Experience in managing and implementing hardware, software, and IT infrastructures
  • Possess expert knowledge of Apple/PC systems and Engineering software
  • Excellent verbal and written communication