Building Engineer

VIDA Fitness - Washington, DC (30+ days ago)



The Building Engineer (BE) will set the standards and expectations for the physical plant at all VIDA locations. This position is charged with developing the Facilities Department, to include Renovations, Repairs & Maintenance, Aquatics, and Housekeeping.

The BE will assist the Senior Project Manager on select facility renovations, upgrades, and new construction projects. The BE will also work with the General Manager of each location to keep each club in proper working order, expedite repairs with appropriate communication to members, maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, and generally keep each club looking photo-ready.

Job Functions:

  • Develops and implements the facilities management strategic plan in accordance with the overall strategic plan.
  • Recommends priorities and strategies for facilities planning, construction and renovation. Provides planning for and oversight of capital improvement projects.
  • Monitor efficient operations of all air handling, boiler and heat systems, electrical systems, pool maintenance, etc.
  • Inspect and change filters and worn belts in air-handling units when necessary
  • Manage quality and maintenance of outdoor landscaping and irrigation systems
  • Effectively and safely use hand tools, power tools and small power equipment
  • Ability to install and repair small equipment, mechanical systems, etc.
  • Good knowledge of facility maintenance duties, including plumbing, electrical, mechanical, basic carpentry and wood working, floor maintenance, wall repair, etc.
  • Creates requests for proposals and negotiates contract/vendor proposals for projects.
  • Confers with appropriate colleagues and supervisors regarding capital plans, construction design and plans.
  • Inspects and evaluates the property on an on-going basis for regulatory compliance and to determine any future construction or renovation needs.
  • Assesses and monitor facility repairs and renovations to ensure cost effectiveness, establishing criteria for repair versus replacement of facilities.
  • Creates, implements, and maintains facilities repair and capital improvement budgets, ensuring compliance with budgetary constraints. Forecasts and plans facility improvements.
  • Plans, develops and prioritizes projects and weekly work plans, ensuring that appropriate materials are ordered, projects are designed and planned, and monies are available.
  • Maintains current knowledge in the field of facilities management, maintenance and security, establishing and implementing updates as appropriate to facilities policies and procedures.
  • Complies with federal, state and local regulations, following all safety precautions and standards.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable building and safety codes, hazardous waste disposal, OSHA, hazardous materials, etc.
  • Guides planning and implementation of the environmental stewardship efforts, including reduction in the use of energy and potable water, and reduction in the production of waste and greenhouse gases.
  • Develops or participates in writing specifications for quotes on equipment, systems or services.
  • Directly manages the construction projects, including the development of an appropriate scope of work, direct management through design, construction and post-construction phases, collaborating with other departments to ensure that work planned matches the needs of the facility.
  • Oversees the long-range planning and development of new capital improvement projects, overseeing the efforts for facility standards and project management standards.
  • Coordinates with regulatory authorities, city and state advisory committees, etc. regarding issues such as land use, building code/safety issues, accessibility issues, etc. Coordinates issues related to infrastructure capacity and future plans for such capacity.
  • Along with the Controller, coordinates contracts and other legal issues including development of standard contracts, negotiating and administering contracts for services, assessing legal implications of such work activities.
  • Reviews, evaluates and oversees projects in progress, contract compliance and quality control.
  • Monitors emergencies, including equipment malfunctions and repairs, handle alarm calls, and responsible for the maintenance and operation of the campus fire alarm systems and fire protection systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating comprehensive safety plan, including property opening and lock down procedures if necessary as well as an emergency notification procedure.

Job Type: Full-time