Resident Activities Coordinator

HTG Management LLC - Belle Glade, FL

Education and Experience:
The Resident Activities Coordinator must have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office applications, and Internet services. Applicant must possess the qualities and sensitive nature to work with residents on all social, economic and educational levels.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Resident Activities Coordinator works directly for the Property Manager. The Resident Activities Coordinator will coordinate and facilitate various activities and training methods to assist adult residents with improving their prospects for self-sufficiency, health care and economic self-reliance. In addition, the Coordinator will assist residents with improving their education opportunities by providing tutoring, computer training and other creative and educational activities.

Job Duties:
Provide the resident programs required as per the ELIHA/EUA/LURA/RRA/etc.

Provide resource and referral information to community residents to assist with basic family needs:
Be familiar with area organizations that provide assistance in the following areas: transportation, medical care, chemical & drug addiction, elderly services, food pantry, clothes closet, domestic violence, energy assistance, housing assistance, etc.

Keep a copy of area social service organizations directory on hand. (Contact the United Way office for a copy of this directory)

Attend area Interagency Council meetings when possible.

If funds allow, join the United Way.

3. Provide personal interest workshops, social & holiday activities, and community and safety involvement activities:

Continuously network with community churches, businesses, and organizations to provide resident with personal interest workshops: diet & health, self-esteem building, parenting, arts & crafts, games, quilting, etc.

Coordinator will organize various social and holiday activities with residents.

Coordinator will work with area agencies to provide the following: Neighborhood Crime Watch, Fire Safety workshops, etc.

Be creative and offer a diverse workshop / activity curriculum.

Perform intake surveys to determine specific community interest / needs.

4. Market programs to community and property residents:
Post flyers door-to-door on the property advertising programs, (GED, literacy training, workshops, special events, etc.) Post flyers throughout the community when possible.

Maintain bulletin board highlighting center activities.

Advertise programs in newspaper, cable access channel, area businesses, etc.

Develop and distribute monthly activity calendar highlighting all workshop, classes and activities to take place during the upcoming month.
Identify key members in the community to help market the center to their particular audience.

Partner with or join your local Chamber of Commerce

5. Complete and submit accurate monthly reporting package:
Complete monthly activity reports, which give detailed information about center activities (Reports should be submitted to Compliance Manager by the 5th of each month).

Monthly Reporting package will include:
Photos of activities

Participation sign-in sheets



Projected calendar of events for upcoming month.

6. Maintain accurate documentation showing center participation levels and progress.

Coordinator should be meticulous when documenting center participation. It is important sign-in sheets be accurately completed on all activities.

7. Develop community partnerships:
Establish Steering Committee and hold Steering Committee meeting every other month.

Continue to recruit new community members for your Steering Committee as the need arises.

8. Raise funds to supplement current budget:
Program Coordinator is encouraged to research various funding options including grants, donations, fundraisers, etc. Funds raised will be used to supplement the current center budget and to offer a wider array of activities. The onsite supervisor should be contacted for guidance with writing grants.

9. Assist Managers as needed:
Manager may require Coordinator to periodically assist with making flyers, property newsletter, organizing tenant meetings, etc.

10. Maintain clean and orderly appearance of center:
Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that trash is dumped, floors are vacuumed, workstations and worktables are clean and dust free and if restrooms are located inside the facility, that they are cleaned.