Race & Social Justice Operations Coordinator– Office of Equity and Social Innovation

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About Our Job
The Agency of Human Rights & Community Partnerships (HRCP) is the umbrella agency for ten distinct offices, including the Denver Office of Equity and Social Innovation (OESI). HRCP strives to create a unified city where capacities and partnerships have been built and leaders from city governments and all corners of our community are empowered and supported. This agency creates opportunities for innovation to take root in local government and throughout the community to impact local challenges. HRCP is the model of inclusiveness, recognizing that diverse perspectives, skills and resources strengthen the foundation for lasting solutions

The Denver Office of Equity and Social Innovation (OESI) is charged with addressing racial disparities for the city by providing employees with citywide standards and expectations in their daily responsibilities and interactions with community members. OESI will provide technical assistance to every city agency to utilize tools that incorporate equity into city policies, initiatives, budget decisions, and programs. OESI will provide advocacy support, policy strategies, and research to build systems of inclusion within local government. The mission is to build culturally responsive procedures, and leadership for social justice by generating inclusive ideas, information, and organizational cultures that promote racial equity. We define racial justice as a systematic endeavor, “resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes where race can no longer be used to predict life outcomes, and outcomes for all groups are improved.”

Do you have the ability to articulate a compelling vision for racial equity? Are you interested in using and promoting the use of equity tools to evaluate policies and practices to eliminate institutional barriers to equity? Do you enjoy working with stakeholders to increase their capacity to move a race and equity agenda forward in the government or institutional context? We invite you to apply to our full-time Race & Social Justice Operations Coordinator within the Denver Office of Equity and Social Innovation. This position is designed for a creative, energetic individual who is interested in catalyzing employee participation in racial equity planning and building inclusive strategies to dismantle structural inequity to address disproportionate outcomes impacting marginalized communities.

This position will be responsible for:
Facilitating racial equity toolkit (RET) workshops and seminars monthly to create agency action plans;
Providing technical assistance and resources to agencies to guide the creation of inclusive strategies and proposals to promote racial equity through 1:1 consultation with identified agency staff;
Identifying and evaluating key performance indicators to measure and track success and progress to promote racial equity at the request of the Director of OESI;
Performing research and analysis using GIS, US census and other relevant tools to inform and advise inclusive strategies for agencies working towards racial equity goals;
Contributing to the creation of an annual racial equity strategic plan equity at the request of the Director of OESI;
Arranging and coordinating intakes from city agencies requesting support to conduct racial equity planning;
Overseeing the work of the Race and Social Justice Community taskforce to build public will for racial equity;
Contributing to the curriculum development and co-facilitation of social justice training and development sessions;
Supporting the City and County of Denver’s advancement of race and social justice goals;
Collaborating with the RSJI Learning and Development Specialist and Equity Platform Core team;
Preparing and presenting internal and public briefings at meetings;
Performing other related duties of a comparable level/type as assigned;
Understanding their role as a public servant.
RANGE : While the full pay range of this Job Classification is $54,661 - $87,458 our target hiring salary for this position is between $54,661 - $59,000 depending on education, experience and qualifications.

About You

Our ideal candidate will:
Possess four years’ direct experience in creating anti-oppression training content.
Analyze situations with a structural racial equity lens and utilize effective organizing strategies;
Demonstrate the ability to develop collaborative, productive and respectful relationships with political leaders and institutions and groups, including those in communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, business, philanthropy, education, law enforcement, and other historically marginalized groups;
Demonstrate background and experience in understanding structural and institutional racism;
Understand equity issues unique to the City and County of Denver;
Demonstrate experience incorporating equity and inclusion initiatives in any sector, which may include but are not limited to universities/colleges, foundations, non-profits, and businesses;
Experience creating training modules and facilitating large group workshops;
Be motivated and willing to do what it takes to see projects and ideas through;
Be thoughtful about communicating with varied stakeholders who may need individualized approaches related to their cultural, religious, social characteristics and values;
Be diplomatic, patient and able to maintain respectful environments during difficult conversations;
Possess a strong ability to set and manage project goals and timelines to ensure successful completion of work
We realize your time is valuable so please do not apply if you do not have at least the following required minimum qualifications:

Education: Bachelor's Degree.
Experience: Three (3) years of paraprofessional experience coordinating programs and/or assisting professional/management staff with administrative or operational functions.
Equivalency: One (1) year of the appropriate type and level of experience may be substituted for each required year of post-high school education. Additional appropriate education may be substituted for the minimum experience requirements
To be considered for this position, you must include the following on your job application (upload the multiple attachment(s) to the Resume/CV section on the My Experience tab):


Attachment that addresses the following questions:
Please share your direct experience working within diverse communities?
How has your earliest memories of meeting people different from you impacted your life?
In what ways do we agree and/or disagree about the nature of our racial problems, what caused them, and how serious they are?
How would you describe the overall state of race relations in our community?
About Everything Else
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CA2379 Operations Coordinator
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Position Type

Pay Range

Pay Range $54,661.00 - $87,458.00

Human Rights & Community Partnership
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The City and County of Denver provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, genetic information, age, or any other status protected under federal, state, and/or local law.

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