Team K9 - Los Angeles, CA

OFFICER OFF DUTY is seeking qualified candidates for its California locations. We are a company that provides Off Duty law enforcement personnel in a security capacity, either in uniform or plain-clothes. Our uniforms are the only company in California that are authorized to have patches stating “OFFICER OFF DUTY”, which is a major deterrent when potential issues arise, this is a huge benefit when it comes to providing our services to clients. We ONLY hire active/retired law enforcement and this will be verified.
**************************************** REQUIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPERIENCE OR POLICE ACADEMY GRADUATE (BASIC ACADEMY) ***********************************************************
********************************** SECURITY GUARD EXPERIENCE DOES NOT QUALIFY YOU UNLESS YOU WERE A POLICE OFFICER OR GRADUATE ******************************************************

Armed uniformed details for public and private events. We do NOT service alcohol driven events
Plain-clothes details providing close personal protection for executives and celebrities
Jewelry escorts and shadow drops for clients

Knowledgeable and proficient in general security industry standards and methods.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills
  • Must posses advanced skills and professional experience in the areas of people and conflict management with tact and discretion
  • Must posses proficiency interviewing and report writing skills
  • Must be flexible and possess the ability to function in stressful situations
  • Radio discipline and ability to operate without supervision
  • Must possess the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of Management
  • A team player and ability to be deployed working 24 hours.
  • Active/retired law enforcement
  • Minimum 1 year related law enforcement experience
  • POST Certification
  • Active HR218 if retired
  • Must possess an active BSIS Guard Card and Exposed Firearms Permit.