Elementary After-School Reading and Writing Tutoring in Brooklyn

Concerning Learning - Brooklyn, NY


BEFORE READING FURTHER: Please note that for these positions, your experience and/or education must specifically be in elementary education (bonus points for special education). Unfortunately those solely with backgrounds in early childhood, middle/high school, or teaching artists (though we appreciate all of these in general!) will not have the necessary training and experience for these specific positions and we don't want to misuse anyone's valuable time.

ADDITIONALLY: Please also note that tutoring is a precarious work situation in that families can change their mind and cancel at any time. For this reason, we go out of our way to hire educators who already have other jobs/gigs but are looking to supplement their income/are not solely relying on it to support them. While we have some tutors who fill their schedule to the brim with students, it can take time to build a caseload and even then there are no guarantees.

* * *

POSITIONS: Boutique tutoring agency is looking for teachers to work one-on-one with various elementary aged students in reading and writing (in most cases 1-2x/week for an hour each). You must be familiar with multisensory phonics-based reading approaches (i.e Orton Gillingham or Wilson, for example) as well as whole language strategies for reading and writing.

Priority is given to instructors who have formally studied (or are in the process of studying) elementary education or special education and have had direct experience developing lessons to support elementary reading and writing skills.

* * *

IN ORDER TO APPLY: In addition to your résumé, please submit a cover letter and at some point please address:

a) What approaches/methods/strategies you have experience in for teaching reading and writing

b) Please indicated the earliest time each day of the week you could be in the downtown Brooklyn area (it's fine if it differs based on the day, but please specify)

* * *

Due to the volume of applicants, we will not be able to respond to each applicant individually, but please know that if we are interested in exploring a candidate further, we will reach out AFTER LABOR DAY to schedule an interview for the week of September 10 or September 17. Thanks, and happy end-of-summer!

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $55.00 /hour


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)