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Security Structures, Inc. - United States (30+ days ago)

Security Structures, Inc.

  • >Seeking Qualified Sales Professionals…A Game Changing Corporation…Top $ Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for Luxury Bunker Builder*

Security Structures, Inc. is a unique company that presents a unique opportunity for financial and career success. Whether you are in NY, CA, FL, IL, MA, CO or anywhere in the US you can join our team. Our offering is a Reg D 506(c) unrestricted under $62.5M, solicitation approved.

  • Expertise: We are seeking competent, legal, and ethical individuals and organizations that are ready to make a lot of money in a short amount of time helping us fund our dynamic company. Fee or commission based sales. We would consider 1 or more managers for large portions of the deal. If a manager you get 5%-7.5% of the entire portion managed. Your other sellers would get the remaining %. To qualify as a manager you will need to bring lots of resources. There is no limit on how much any firm or individual may sell up to the max amount of the offering. The minimum is $25,000 per purchase.
  • Our Business Plan: We are intensely passionate about our business. We know the world is a dangerous place but there are many things people don’t think about on a daily basis. The wealthy are starting to build bunkers and safe rooms like never before in history. We are introducing a new style of home. In short, you could say it’s half luxury home and half luxury bunker. The proposed developments are much more than simplicity. The new Luxury Bunker Homes are a game changer in luxury homes. A physical insurance policy with the knowledge of knowing you have the ultimate place to go when Man or Mother Nature erupts. The government and the wealthy are building individual bunkers as fast as they can but everyone else is just figuring it out.
  • Value Proposition: The dollar value you are creating for yourself or your company by working with us is higher than average. The value our company is creating like unlike few companies ever. We are creating value for our sellers, our shareholders, our customers and America herself. $7,000,000 is the total in fees and commissions ready to be paid out to you as we fill our $62,500,000 offering. 12% of total plus 5% other fees and costs.
  • Requirements: You must be able to work with others. Your contact will be with high net worth individuals looking to invest in an amazing trend setting company like ours. You must meet a basic monthly investor base of 100k per month, averaged annually. You must have experience in selling financial products or PPM’s. Proper registration and approvals to sell securities. 7/63 etc.
  • Options: Sell directly to high net worth individuals, sell through your firm directly, manage part of the deal by working with other brokers and firms for 5% of the entire flow through your network. Other options possible.

We have 500 hard copies of our PPM are available to send out.

Link to our Corporate Data Sheet:

Link to our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM): (Executive Bios, etc.)

Security Structures, Inc. is a company conceived a few years ago, officially incorporated in Aug 2017, PPM launch. Led by an experienced and capable team we are seeking private capital to fund our business plan to build luxury Bunker Homes™ Our Secured Real Estate Developments are targeted toward intelligent and intuitive individuals and corporations. Our proposed luxury Security Structures™, Bunker Homes™ and Luxury Bunkers™ are a new concept (main home, investment or vacation getaway) for providing physical security in a changing and uncertain world. We truly believe we are the future of housing in America. Security Structures, Inc. is forging a new path providing a luxury level of safety and security through turnkey concepts that have not been offered to the general public like we are in the process of doing. A physical insurance policy for those that understand the past and realize the future.

Initially, our Secured Real Property Developments will be located in key markets within the United States with an initial emphasis on the Northeast region (proximity to NYC, Boston, and Philly etc.), Colorado and California. Our developments will consist of large luxury homes with an ultra secure bunker complex that flows between levels, hidden from public view outside of densely populated areas. Our structures will be well appointed, built for comfort and possess all the amenities of a typical primary luxury home; fortified with the capability to withstand any event caused by man or Mother Nature. These structures can be fully utilized for daily living without wasted space and are designed to be the ultimate home. More detail of the new structures and their amenities can be found in our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

The Management Team includes past members of the US Military with direct expertise and experience in the construction and development of physical mission critical assets, along with private sector business leaders with direct expertise and experience managing large construction/building projects in multiple geographic areas. We feel the combination of these capabilities provides our organization with an extremely unique, experienced and qualified team to address the protection needs of high net worth individuals. See our PPM for more specific details, our plans to change the way Americans think when it comes to their actual safety and security considering the multitude of threats and changes on the horizon. It’s never too soon to start, but it can easily be too late to start living and sleeping in real security.

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: $25,000.00 to $900,000.00 /year


  • Financial: 2 years


  • Associate


  • Registered