Emergency Communications Technician Trainee (84 Hours Bi-Weekly)

Baltimore County, MD - Towson, MD3.7

Full-time$42,000 - $53,000 a year
Pay Schedule I-E, Grade 2E, Regular Schedule: 84 Hours Bi-Weekly.

Vacancies exist in the 911 Center, Office of Budget and Finance.

A list of eligible applicants will be established based on the examination as outlined below.

Current and future vacancies may be filled from the list of eligible applicants.

All interested transfer and promotional candidates must apply at this time.

List all promotions and changes in job duties due to reclassification as separate work experiences on your application. Applicants must include the dates of the promotions and reclassifications.

You MUST meet the following requirements before you can be hired as a Emergency Communications Technician Trainee:

1. Be at least 18 years of age at time of appointment;
2. Have a high school diploma, GED, or an appropriate equivalent;
3. Pass an initial online data entry examination;
4. Complete and pass additional testing onsite at the Computer Training Center;
4. Complete and pass a comprehensive background investigation; and
5. Pass a physical and medical examination.

NOTE: Failure to complete all fields of the "Work Experience" section of the application will result in your application not being considered. A resume will not be considered in determining your qualifications for a position. Applicants selected for an interview may provide a resume at that time.



Examples of Duties
Under close supervision, trains to operate and operates a variety of radios, telephones, keyboards, computers and other electronic devices in the County 911 Center in order to receive and respond to requests for emergency assistance, and to dispatch Fire/EMS or Police units to alleviate situations that endanger or potentially endanger, lives and/or property in Baltimore County.

Participates in training to achieve and maintain proficiency in the following duties:

Receives requests for emergency services via telephone, radio, and computer.
Accurately and quickly enters into a computer or records manually information needed to dispatch according to established protocol.
Supplies additional information to appropriate dispatch points as required.
Logs, manually or electronically, calls for dispatch handled and actions taken.
Receives and handles requests for non-emergency assistance and information.
Relays information or requests to other jurisdictions or agencies via radio or telephone.
Provides first aid and basic life support instructions to callers from established guidelines.
Operates radio transmitter and receiver to dispatch fire, police, or EMS personnel and equipment to life or property-threatening emergency and non-emergency situations.
Determines and coordinates response of equipment according to established protocol.
Monitors and accurately records status and location of units electronically or manually.
Supplies and/or relays information to appropriate Fire, EMS, and Police elements.
Monitors Fire/EMS or Police calls of adjacent jurisdictions.
Operates a radio transmitter, voice recorder, computer terminal with input keyboard, telephone, intercom, and ancillary printers in the performance of the duties listed above.
Uses a variety of computer systems to access sensitive information pertaining to motor vehicle registrations and warrants.
Uses maps and other reference materials when necessary to determine correct location of response.
Examples of Other Duties

Files and maintains necessary records.
Performs minor routine maintenance of printers, keyboards, and recording devices.
Records statistical information and completes various forms.
Performs other related duties as required.
(NOTE: The duties and responsibilities listed above are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications for all positions in this class. They may not include all of the essential job functions of each position in the class. Each position may not be required to perform all of the essential job functions listed.)

Required Qualifications
Possession of a high school diploma or an appropriate equivalent.

Age Requirement
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of appointment.

Character Requirements
All applicants must be of good moral character, emotionally stable, and mentally stable as determined by a comprehensive background investigation and drug test.

Licenses and Certificates
Upon completion of the training program, the following certifications are required: Possession of valid Emergency Medical Dispatcher certificate issued by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems and valid Emergency Fire, Medical, and Police Dispatcher certificates issued by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED). Completion of a state approved Emergency Telecommunicator program is required within six months of hire. Some positions require completion of the Criminal Justice Information System program. Certifications as specified by 911 Administration must be maintained throughout employment.

Applicants meeting the required qualifications will be sent a link to the e-mail provided on their application to take an initial online data entry examination. The online testing will include modules on Decision Making, Data Entry Multi-Tasking, Cross Referencing, Sentence Clarity and Prioritization. The 911 Center will notify all applicants of pass/fail results for the online testing.

Applicants who successfully pass this phase of the initial online testing, will be invited at a later date to continue with the examination process in-person. The in-person test will include modules on Decision Making, Data Entry Multi-Tasking , Call Summarization 2 Multi-Tasking, Spelling and Cross Reference(Audio) by entering information using headsets into a PC with a standard keyboard.

Conditions of Employment
This is a training classification. Employees are appointed to this classification for a maximum of twenty-four months. Persons appointed to this position may work on either a rotating or fixed shift basis, which will include nights, weekends, or holidays, and overtime when scheduled. Employees must satisfactorily complete and maintain center mandated certifications as required. Upon attainment of full performance knowledge and skills, and subject to the approval of the Office of Budget and Finance and the Office of Human Resources, incumbents will be reclassified to Emergency Communications Technician I. Incumbents who do not attain the full performance minimum qualifications will be terminated.

All employees are required to cross-train and maintain proficiency in at least two operational areas (911, Fire Dispatch or Police Dispatch). Incumbents who do not complete cross-training may be terminated.

Physical and Environmental Conditions
The work of this classification entails sitting for long periods of time and the operation of data entry and other equipment in which manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination are important. Applicants selected for these positions must be able to safely perform the duties of the position without posing a threat to the health or safety of themselves or others as determined by a physical examination.

Medical Examination and Employment Background Investigation
Applicants selected for an appointment to a position in Baltimore County must successfully complete a physical examination and drug screen and an employment background investigation, including, but not limited to a criminal background, education, and fingerprint check.