Domestic Violence Court Compliance Case Manager

St. Louis County, MO - Clayton, MO (30+ days ago)3.8

This is a non-merit position. Recruitment for this position will be handled by the Family Court of St. Louis County and any questions concerning this posting should be directed to the Court's Human Resources Department at (314) 615-4471.

This is a part-time, 25 hours per week position.

This position provides case management services to support the work of the Domestic Violence Court. Focus of work is aimed at assisting the Court in reducing repeated instances of domestic violence. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Domestic Violence Court Compliance Coordinator and requires significant independent judgment. Work involves responsibility for implementing various domestic violence projects, as well as monitoring services for participants in the programs. Work is evaluated by periodic supervisory conferences, review of reports submitted, and achievement of stated goals.

Examples of Duties
Assists the DV Court Compliance Coordinator in Implementing program policies and procedures designed to assure compliance by persons ordered to attend Batterers Intervention Programs (BIP) and/or related counseling programs.
Receives and reviews court ordered referrals; schedules participants for orientation interviews; completes appropriate intake and program participation forms; orients and refers participant to batterer intervention and/or related programs.
Reviews monthly reports from agencies about the participant's attendance and participation in relevant programs; prepares reports for the Court/DV Compliance Coordinator and makes a recommendation regarding the need for compliance hearings.
Attends Court hearings in order to assist/consult with the judiciary, attorneys, victim service providers and Domestic Relations Service staff about specific cases that may be appropriate for services.
When requested, attends settlement conferences, court hearings and staffings to report on and discuss progress and recommendations regarding program participants.
Occasionally attends meetings of the Association of Batterer Intervention Programs and/or related counseling agencies.
Assists in implementation of new projects designed to assist with batterer issues and victims of domestic violence such case management functions for a specialized Domestic Violence Court project, screening of court files and identification of cases that may be appropriate for court services, etc.
Assists the Domestic Violence Court Coordinator in providing services for the Domestic Violence Court, which may include collaborating with court Victim Advocates to ensure that victims receive appropriate information about services and resources that are available to them. Distributes such information as necessary.
Processes referrals and performs related duties for the Domestic Violence Court contempt dockets for persons who fail to comply with court order to attend Batterer Intervention Programs. Attends contempt dockets to follow-up on these referrals.
Assists/consults with judiciary, attorneys, probation officers and advocates when firearm surrender orders are issued; assist the Court and Respondents with the completion of forms when orders are entered;
Meet with Respondents who are ordered to surrender firearms to explain court requirements and arrange to monitor ongoing compliance to assure firearms have been properly surrendered;
Participate in firearms compliance hearings and assists the DV Compliance Coordinator in making recommendations to the Court on firearms compliance issues.
Provides outreach to community-based service providers in the areas of mental health and substance abuse to ensure more appropriate and streamlined compliance when Respondents are ordered to obtain such services:
Meet with Respondents who are ordered to obtain mental health services or substance abuse treatment and arrange to monitor ongoing compliance with treatment requirements;
Participate in mental health/substance abuse compliance hearings and make recommendations to the Court on compliance issues.
Assists in the implementation compliance policies and procedures on the Criminal DV Court docket(s).
Occasionally provides victim advocacy services and other duties as needed to assist with operations of the DV Court.
Minimum Qualifications
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelors' degree in Social Work or a related social/behavioral science required, plus at least one year of professional social work experience working with victims or perpetrators of domestic violence or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Additional Information
All applicants conditionally offered a permanent part-time, full-time, term or on-call position will be required to submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment. Screening will be performed by a reputable clinical laboratory. The cost of screening will be bourne by the County. Applicants will also be required to submit to an extensive background and criminal record check.

The Family Court of St. Louis County is an equal opportunity employer. Please contact the Human Resources Department at (314) 615-4471 (voice) or RelayMO711 or 1-800-735-2966 if you need special accommodations in the application process or would like this posting in an alternative format.
Part-time employees receive pro-rated PTO (Paid Time Off) and holiday pay if they work 20 or more hours a week.