Project Manager

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To manage and industrialize product projects with responsibility of all functions in GTO´s, in terms of objectives, cost and timeplan. Projects should be run according to the DVP-process and using the governance set-up by GTO QEKD function.

To represent GTO in the cross functional product project team led by the CPM and actively cooperates with all others lines involved.

PM levels specific
The Senior PM role is managing start cost projects with big impact on the business success and/or big complexity in global or strategic importance
The Project manager is managing start cost projects or big intro-blocks that is impacting the business success and can involve global scope
The PM associate is managing limited scope start cost projects (I.e. class 2) and/or product maintenance items, often local impact but with potential global coordination
In GTO, manage product projects activities and secure the QDCF deliveries.
High influence in all GTO functions involved in product projects, both for the development of the product but also its industrialization. This is valid for the day to day activities and direct contacts but also through the GTO decision meetings related to product projects
Interactions outside GTO with all functions involved in product project in order to proactively ensure GTO interest keeping in mind the best interest for the Volvo group
Class 3 product project can have a big impact on GTO results
Key responsibilities/Accountabilities
Through leadership skills, to provide motivation and direction to the manufacturing teams involved in the project
To define key activities together with the teams and to make sure they are delivered in agreed timeframes. Focus is of course on manufacturing “unique” deliveries (e.g. assembly equipment) but also on cross-functional or cross-lines activities
In a complex organization with up to hundreds of people involved, to monitor deliveries and support the teams to unlock issues as early as possible
As a key interface with GTT and GTS to make sure common activities are structured and that manufacturing deliveries are consistent with others
The level of Autonomy(self-going), stakeholder management, business approach in the project, increases by the level of PM. Senior PM is expected to manage stakeholders at N-2

Main activities:
Secure Manufacturing commitments taken on Quality, Deliveries, Costs and features (requirements)
Secure Manufacturing deliveries in the Project: production equipment, project builds, Inbound Logistics, manufacturing related activities in Supply Chain, Workforces Trainings, …etc…
Secure Start Costs (CAPEX and Industrial RnD) are kept in the agreed frames
Secure GTO resources
Define main milestones and deliveries up to the end of the project and secure they are executed in line with project main time plan
Secure Manufacturing capacity for SP-start (volumes and quality), including potential extra activities (e.g campaigns)
Define and lead specific activities that are common to different assembly sites or manufacturing organizations and secure relevant deliveries
Interact on a daily base with other line organizations involved in the project
Take active part of decision making in the Project Management Team
Secure information flow, team spirit and common understanding of strategies in the manufacturing teams involving up to hundreds of people
Lead cross-functionally a core team of approx. 5 to 15 people in charge of main manufacturing deliveries
Report project status, request for support and make recommendations to the members of GTO decision meetings
Key targets and results

Fulfilment of financial and operational KPI’s such as:
Conversion and logistic costs
CAPEX and Industrial RnD
Production Quality
Capacity and tact time in all impacted processes
Project Time to Market
Ergonomics in plants
Essential educational and/or training qualifications and certificates
University degree / MSc
Formal training in leadership, communication
Volvo Project management trainings according to the PM pipeline definition
PM certification appreciated, senior Project manager level mandatory
Scope and influence

Minimum documented project management experience:
Senior PM: 8 years
PM: 3 years
PM Associate: N/A
Talent for cultural integration and inspiring leadership
Strong abilities in priority setting
High organizational ability and strong ability for negotiating.
Anticipation and Proactivity
Necessary technical/functional/language skills
Technical background both about the product and the manufacturing process
Needs to have a good understanding of the Volvo Group Businesses
As all documentation is in English, proficiency in the English language is required