Radio Operations Assistant

WHYY - Philadelphia, PA4.5

WHYY is looking for its next voice!

Join WHYY as our Radio Operations Assistant. This is a full-time position that is the "voice" of the station's corporate marketing underwriting credits. The individual in this position is responsible for recording, editing, uploading, and scheduling credits to air inside local and national broadcasts on WHYY.

The day to day responsibilities of the Radio Operations Assistant are:

Record and produce underwriting spots, to time, for FM, streaming, the WHYY app., etc.
Assign cart numbers and codes for underwriting copy.
Monitor underwriting scripts for timeliness and length to time.
Create airchecks for underwriting representatives.
Maintain FM transmitter text system (RBDS); update as necessary
Conduct quality checks of broadcast logs produced by others.
A successful candidate will be trained for and act as backup for the following:

Create, manage and distribute all broadcast logs; update with last-minute changes.

The ideal candidate will possess:
A college degree in a related discipline or equivalent professional experience
A minimum of 3-5 years in a studio environment
Previous audio experience is a must and essential for success in this position
Experience in radio operations, specifically managing broadcast logs
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Must have voice and reading style appropriate to the "sound" of public radio
Extreme attention to detail and deadlines are crucial