SCA-UXO Technician I - Independence, MO

Parsons - Kansas City, MO (30+ days ago)3.8

UXO Technician I

Typical duties of a UXO Technician 1, as outlined in DDESB TP18.

This is not a comprehensive list of responsibilities.

Must meet qualifications listed in TP18, including time/experience requirements.

(a) Investigate for and classify MEC and MPPEH, including identifying explosive

residues in media (soil, oil, etc.), buildings and installed equipment.

(b) Identify different types of military munitions, including identifying whether a

military munition's fuze is armed or unarmed.

(c) Excavate subsurface anomalies for identification.

(d) Move (e.g., consolidate) MEC, specifically UXO or DMM, within a munitions

response site (MRS) or on an operational range after the UXOSO and SUXOS have jointly

evaluated and determined the risk of movement to be acceptable.

(e) Operate vehicles transporting explosives, MPPEH or MDEH on site. (Individuals

must be appropriately licensed for the class of vehicle being operated.)

(f) Transport military munitions, commercial explosives, and/or MDEH that meets

the above criteria that has been determined safe for transport over public traffic routes (PTR).

Such munitions and explosives must be packaged in a manner that allows their safe transport and

complies with Department of Transportation (DOT) and other applicable federal and State laws,

and DoD policies. (Note: Only UXO determined to be safe for transport by EOD personnel may

be transported over a PTR.)

(g) Prepare electric and non-electric firing systems.

(h) Set up decontamination stations and decontaminate CA-contaminated personnel,

military munitions and other material of interest (e.g., munitions debris, glass vials) per approved

plans. The performance of these functions may require additional training.

(i) Assist UXOQP in documenting the explosives safety status of MPPEH.

(j) Construct engineering controls (protective works).

(k) Escort personnel who are not directly involved in MEC-related activities (e.g.,

SW, SP, visitors to cultural sites) on property known or suspected to contain MEC, but have an

operational requirement and authorization to access such property. Although escort by a UXOTI

is typically performed under the supervision of a UXOQP, the responsible commander or

authority may approve UXO-TI personnel to perform escort duties without supervision. Such

approval must be, based on an approved risk assessment and implementation of methods to

mitigate potential exposures.