New York State Office of the Attorney General - Syracuse, NY4.3

Investigator: Organized Crime Task Force (OCTF) – Syracuse

The Office of the Attorney General is seeking qualified candidates for Investigator positions located in
various locations in the State. Candidates should be hard-working, motivated and committed to public
service on behalf of the people of the State of New York.

The role of the OCTF is to conduct complex, long term investigations into various types of organized
criminal activity. The majority of the Unit’s investigations utilize advanced and specialized investigative
techniques such as physical surveillance, court authorized eavesdropping of telephones, businesses,
vehicles, and computers, as well as search warrants, which include the use of still and video
photography. The nature of the investigations conducted by OCTF includes traditional organized crime -
gambling, loan sharking, extortion, and narcotics, among others.

The qualifications for this position are: Experience conducting investigations including
narcotics, firearms, and organized criminal gangs; experience with overt operations; experience
with covert operations using electronic surveillance equipment; experience testifying in court,
experience developing a network of confidential informants to obtain intelligence regarding
criminal prosecutions; and having extensive interaction with other agencies, public and private,
in support of investigations; and knowledge of Syracuse and surrounding areas.

Please respond to Reference No. INV_OCTF_SYR_6833_042319 as outlined below. Deadline for
responding is April 23, 2019.

Qualifications in addition to those listed above:
Must have at least ten years of law enforcement experience and current NYS basic police school

Must possess a valid NYS driver’s license and have the ability to drive a motor vehicle.

Fluency in Spanish speaking, writing and reading is preferable.

The Public Officer’s Law requires that police officers at the OAG be citizens of the United States and
reside in New York State.

Performance of the duties may require frequent, unscheduled work on evenings and weekends.

Applications are being received online. To apply, please click on this link:
INV_OCTF_SYR_6833_042319. Applicants will be taken to the online application page for this position.
Applicants must be prepared to submit a complete application packet consisting of a cover letter (include
Reference No. INV_OCTF_SYR_6833_042319) and resume. Please note: Failure to submit a complete
application will delay the consideration of your application. You may address your cover letter to
Investigator Jobs.

For questions about an Investigator position with the OAG, the application process or assistance with
submitting your application, please email or call 518-776-2500.

These positions are in the exempt class, and incumbents serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General.

The Office of the Attorney General is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
origin, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability.