Associate Director of Campus Ministry: Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator

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The Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Coordinator of Undergraduate Outreach for the Catholic Student Center (CSC) at Washington University in St Louis will help drive the mission of the CSC by overseeing student welcoming and ongoing engagement with the CSC community through freshmen orientation programming, dorm outreach, peer ministry, retreats, and discipleship. This role will report to the Director of Campus Ministry and work in collaboration with the Campus Ministry Team and broader CSC staff and community.

It is the responsibility of every campus minister to help achieve the mission of the CSC which is “a house of Catholic formation and a community of hospitality to students of all faiths. The CSC strives - through education, service, and a worshipping community that seeks to know and become Christ - to form students intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually according to the wisdom of the Catholic Church, so that they become active participants in parish life and moral and spiritual leaders in Church and society for the 21st century.”

This campus minister position will serve as a key resource for students focused on three primary areas of Ministry:

1. Student Welcoming & Orientation. Introduction and entry to the Catholic community on a secular campus can be difficult for some. The CSC though has a reputation of being welcoming to students of all faiths or no faith and the Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator directs programs and efforts that build that atmosphere primarily at the beginning of the school year, but ongoing as well.
2. Undergraduate Outreach. The core of the CSC campus ministry is the relationships we form with students. This role would ensure that relationships with students are built through targeted one-on-one outreach initiatives, dorm outreach, campus tabling, peer ministry, summer programming, and presence in the everyday lives of students.
3. Personal and Spiritual Formation. Providing ongoing opportunities for growth in our students through retreats, immersion experiences, and social opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

1. Freshmen Orientation and Outreach (25%)
• Coordinate all efforts to connect incoming freshmen to the CSC prior to arrival at WU through prospective student visits, admitted student events in the spring, summer mailings, generating a list of incoming freshmen interested in the CSC, and making initial contact. Oversee ministry's outreach to undergrads
• Recruit and train Welcome Team student leaders who also reach out to incoming freshmen and provide ongoing outreach once freshmen arrive at WU through dorm and campus presence.
• Recruit “Bigs” and connect incoming freshmen to CSC upperclassmen Big Brothers/Big Sisters.
• Coordinate freshmen welcome and orientation events such as pre-orientation programming, move-in day, CSC Open House, CSC involvement with WU Activities Fair, Freshmen Welcome Night, and Freshmen Escape (with Catholic Student Union).

2. Ongoing Undergraduate Outreach (25%)
• Coordinate targeted efforts for campus minister one-on-one’s with students and follow up with students after events.
• Coordinate collaborative effort of campus ministers to extend personal invitations to students for major events
• Coordinate with CSC Kent Interns outreach to students in the dormitories
• Coordinate SALT (Service and Leadership Training) initiative
• Coordinate campus presence opportunities such as tabling, “Ask a Priest/campus minister”, DUC lunches, BD Dinners
• Coordinate with communications intern publicity opportunities on campus such as banners, underpass, and table tents

3. General Campus Ministry Duties (20%)
• Regular Sunday Mass and weekday Mass duties as shared by Campus Ministry team.
• Attendance at major CSC programs as required by Campus Ministry staff.
• Other various campus ministry duties as requested

4. El Salvador Agape Service Immersion Program (15%)
• Recruit student participants and a student leader for a winter break immersion trip to our sister community in El Salvador.
• Prepare and plan with the student leader fall semester personal and group formation that is central to the program in preparation for the trip.
• Lead the winter break service immersion trip
• Lead spring semester individual and group processing and integration of experience in to daily lives
• Maintain regular communication with organizations and communities in El Salvador

5. Student Counseling (10%)
• Providing trained and licensed counseling to students in urgent need as a stop gap until they can find a long term option with WU or another provider.
• Coordinating counseling services for CSC students with contract licensed counselors on a limited basis

6. Bi-annual CSC Speaker Series (5%)
• Create and supervise a high profile speaker series that brings in nationally known speakers once a semester (twice a year) to speak on relevant topics of theology, philosophy, social justice, and spirituality.
• Form an advisory board made up of students, faculty, and community members who can identify speakers of interest and assist with executing the speaker series events.

7. Summer Outreach (~50% during summer months only)
• Coordinate efforts to identify students who will be in St. Louis during the summer and maintain consistent communication and publicity with them regarding summer programming.
• Identify students from other universities who are studying or doing research at WU during the summer
• Coordinate communication to incoming freshmen who participate in summer programs such as FSAP, SOAR, etc.
• Coordinate and recruit student leadership for summer programming such as Sunday Masses, potlucks, game nights, Godweiser Series, Student BBQ, Bible Study, outings around STL, etc.

Desired Experience / Skills
• Graduate Level Degree in ministry or related field preferred
• 2 years of ministry experience or experience in related field involving pastoral care or education.
• Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
• Strong content development and presentation / training delivery skills
• Technically savvy, especially with digital tools such as Google calendar, Google drive, Gmail, and social media.
• Project or program planning and management experience
• Highest level of professional and ethical conduct
• Available to work evenings and weekends occasionally