Office Manager/Secretary to the Board

Delta Diablo Sanitation District - Antioch, CA (30+ days ago)

This recruitment will establish an Eligibility List for the above position. First-round interviews are tentatively planned for the week of July 16, 2018. Candidate selection is expected to occur in late-August with an anticipated start date in late September/early October 2018.

*The listed salary does not include 3.4% Cost of Living Adjustment, effective July 1, 2018.

The Position
The Office Manager/Secretary to the Board is a confidential member of the Executive Management Team, reporting directly to the General Manager, with key organizational responsibilities including oversight, coordination, and preparation of written materials in support of monthly Board of Directors meetings; developing and implementing standardized formats for public records, documents, and operating procedures in conformance with applicable laws, regulations, codes, and policies for public agencies; providing administrative support to the Board of Directors; and supervising a team of six administrative support professionals (one Senior Administrative Assistant/Records Specialist, four Administrative Assistant IIIs, and one Administrative Assistant II). The Office Manager/Secretary to the Board is an unrepresented, at-will position.

The Ideal Candidate
Delta Diablo is seeking an individual with a high degree of proficiency and experience in making a wide range of managerial, technical, and administrative decisions with organizational and legal impacts. The ideal candidate would possess direct experience working at a special district or similar public agency/municipality; strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills; excellent organizational skills; a "can do" attitude with a proactive, initiative-based, and self-motivated approach; the ability to lead development and/or revision of policies and procedures; and budget preparation and management experience. As part of an organization that embraces innovation and continuous improvement, the ability to identify and implement work process and organizational improvements is highly desired. Success in this position will require a team-based leadership style that builds and maintains trust and a strong sense of integrity with various stakeholders and customers, including operations, maintenance, laboratory, and finance/administrative staff, as well as the Board of Directors and the public. A supervisory style that seeks to cultivate and develop staff through sharing of knowledge and experience in a mentoring and coaching mode is strongly preferred.

The selected candidate is required to have: 1) an educational background equivalent to an Associate's Degree in business, public administration, or a directly-related field, as well as a high school diploma, and 2) at least five years of progressively responsible administrative or executive support experience, including one year of experience that required preparing written communications to governing bodies and understanding of procedures and laws associated with the function of a governing body. A Bachelor's degree and supervisory experience is highly desirable.

Primary Job Duties:

1) Board and Public Meeting Support:
  • Oversees preparation and organizes materials for the Board of Directors meetings.
  • Directs the development, production, compilation, and duplication of agendas and attendant packets of materials for submission to the Board at public meetings.
  • Directs the distribution of agenda packets to members of the Board, counsel, internal departments and other affected or interested organizations and persons.
  • Responsible for the official publication of public meeting notices and other actions in conformance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Responds to inquiries, communicates information and takes other action to supplement or modify agenda information.
2) Meetings:
  • Takes notes and minutes during Board meetings and when needed at other meetings to record proceedings.
  • Produces official minutes and related documentation required from meeting actions and, as appropriate, causes attestation and publication of documents; records, duplicates, distributes and takes follow-up actions as needed.
  • Provides information and training on legal noticing and other requirements applicable to public meetings.
  • May make formal presentations to Board as necessary.
  • Oversees the set up for meetings, seating, recording devices, microphones, and presentation equipment.
3) Records Management:
  • Oversees District Records Management Program.
  • Responsible for supervising Records Center personnel.
  • Responsible for following Federal, State and local laws pertaining to records management.
4) Administrative and Clerical:
  • Produces correspondence, obtains and provides information, makes appointments and performs other secretarial services for members of the Board, General Manager, and legal counsel on District-related business.
  • Responsible for equipment titles and registrations.
  • Provides factual information that may require the use of judgment, discretion, or the interpretation of policies and procedures. Initiates correspondence and other material independently or for signature.
  • Identifies and arranges for the preservation of historical documents, photographs and materials.
  • Identifies, searches, and retrieves information from archives or retired files relevant to current issues.
  • Makes arrangements for travel, accommodations and attendance at seminars and conferences for Board members and General Manager. Assists staff when necessary.
  • Accepts subpoenas and summonses as appropriate.
  • Screens and distributes confidential communications as appropriate.
  • Evaluates/approves purchase orders and purchase recommendations of administrative staff.
  • With the assistance of the Senior Administrative Assistant/Records Specialist, oversees administrative staff work quality and performance to ensure the proper level of customer service.
  • Prepares Performance Evaluations for administrative staff.
5) Documentation Standards:
  • Researches, develops and drafts standards and procedures for composing, organizing and formatting to be applied in production of District documents; coordinates review and approval processes and implements as approved.
  • Prepares examples to show organization of titles/subtitles/subjects, wording of standard provisions and paragraph, font and other style requirements applicable to ordinances to be incorporated into the District Code, resolutions, staff reports, policies, procedures, external and internal correspondence.
  • Coordinates new and revised sections of District Code to incorporate current standards, information required by customers and users and to assure clarity and ease of comprehension.
  • Develops operating requirements for establishing, revising, updating and distributing policies and operating procedures and manuals.
  • Maintains oversight of all District policies and procedures and may write and develop same.

Gathers information and data, evaluates and produces reports on administrative subjects. Administers contracts applicable to District-wide office service functions. Coordinates activities of department managers when assigned to work on developing district policy or programs related to specific topics. Participates in teams engaged with process and customer service improvements, cross-training and team performance evaluations. Prepares and presents formal reports and recommendations as appropriate. Participates in District committee and staff functions. Performs other work consistent with the responsibilities assigned to the classification and necessary to the effective operations of the District.


A combination of training and experience which demonstrates that a person has obtained the required knowledge and is able to perform the required work (with reasonable accommodation, if needed). A person with the following combined training and experience would typically qualify to compete in a selection process:

EDUCATION: Equivalent to an Associate's Degree from an accredited college with major course work in Business or Public Administration or directly related field, as well as a high school diploma. A Bachelor's degree and supervisory experience is highly desirable.

EXPERIENCE: Five (5) years of progressively responsible full-time paid work administrative or executive support experience, including one year of experience that required preparing written communications to governing bodies and understanding of procedures and laws associated with the function of a governing body, and one year in a confidential position. Prior supervisory experience is highly desirable.
Knowledge of the following is required to perform the essential function:
  • Current principles and practices of managing the official activities and records of the political body of a public agency.
  • General intent and specific application of federal, state and local laws and regulations applicable to the public deliberation, recording, and documentation of official actions of a public agency.
  • General format, content requirements and legal standards applicable to the production and recording of official legal documents enacted by a public agency.
  • Techniques used in locating information resources, and gathering, organizing and summarizing data.
  • Basic arithmetic.
  • Business English, composition, spelling, grammar, punctuation and general business terminology.
  • Principles of supervision; techniques for training, motivating and developing employee skills and conducting formal performance evaluations.
Ability to do the following is required to perform the essential function:
  • Apply generally accepted practices to managing the official activities and records of a publicly elected Board of Directors.
  • Interpret and apply the specific provisions of legal and regulatory enactments to specific operating conditions.
  • Understand and carry out oral and written directions.
  • Provide verbal and written information to a wide variety of people and officials.
  • Write clear drafts and produce final copy from general instructions.
  • Interpret and apply District policies, procedures, and rules.
  • Organize information and data, apply standardized formats and produce final copy.
  • Work independently and solve problems within general procedures.
  • Work cooperatively with other departments, outside agencies, and the public.
  • Exercise diplomacy and tact in contacts with the public.
  • Exhibit a high customer service priority in contacts with others.
  • Transcribe verbally recorded information and produce documents in prescribed formats.
  • Operate personal computers and output equipment with sufficient speed and agility to produce error-free copy within timelines.
  • Operate District standard software including word-processing and spreadsheet applications.
Required Licenses and Certifications
A valid California State Class C driver's license must be maintained at all times. Continued maintenance of valid driver's license is compliance with established District vehicle operation standards, and the ability to be insured for the operation of a vehicle/District vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions of the District's insurance program are conditions of continued employment.

Selection Procedures:

Fair Labor Standards Act Classification: Exempt from overtime under the administrative exemption
Collective Bargaining Representation Unit: Unrepresented
Job Specifications Approved by: Board of Directors on 3/22/2006
Appointment and Removal Authority: General Manager
Amended & Approved by: General Manager on 03/20/2008
Revised by: General Manager on 06/01/2018