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LaCosta Facility Support Services - Burlington, IA3.0


Hours: 6am-4:30pm Monday - Thursday OT as needed

Plans and prepares manufacturing production schedules and departmental workflows to establish sequence and lead time of each production operation to meet shipping dates according to sales forecasts or customer orders.

1. Schedule, contact and expedite parts from internal work centers, sister plants, third party logistics representatives, suppliers and subcontract suppliers; develop and implement contingency plans when necessary and keep management informed of actions being taken.
2. Analyzes production specifications and capacity data, and performs mathematical calculations to determine production processes, tools, and human resource requirements.
3. Revise planning based on changes coming from both dependent and independent demands as well as from inventory adjustments and Bill of Material corrections; resolve and process open rejection orders.
4. Expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions; includes estimating.
5. May prepare lists and purchase orders to obtain required materials, tools and equipment.
6. Prepares production reports.
7. Other relates duties as assigned.

Career Type: Professional
Work is primarily achieved by an individual or through project teams; requiring application of expertise in professional area(s) to achieve results. Progression within classification is reflected by increasing depth of professional knowledge, project management, and ability to influence others.

1. Intermediate professional role, responsible for delivery of professional activities with moderate guidance and direction.
2. Focuses on providing routine advice and creates initial reports / analyses for review by more experienced team members.
1. Accountable for meeting own targets, which impact the immediate work area.
1. Impact is generally limited to short-term team performance, occasionally on medium-term goals.
2. Makes more impactful contributions to team performance.
Knowledge & Application
1. Requires knowledge and experience in own discipline and of company policies, practices, and procedures while still acquiring in-depth knowledge and skills.
2. Determines appropriate courses of action based on guidelines, and modifies processes and methods as required.
Problem Solving
1. Uses previous experience, analysis and investigation to identify the most appropriate option to solve a range of differing but routine problems.
1. Communicates fairly complex information related to the body of knowledge within the team or area.
2. May convey information to audiences not knowledgeable of the subject matter.
3. Provides informal guidance to less experienced colleagues.

-We conduct background checks and drug test-

If interested in meeting with the hiring manager call Ethan Marbery at (319) 750-3074

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $25.00 to $30.00 /hour