Industrial Technician/Hygienist/Inspector | Full Time

Peach365 - Columbus, OH (30+ days ago)

We are a supply chain management consulting company. Our services cover all aspects of supply chain management, logistics and business analytics; from the strategies all the way through to successful implementations. Our supply chain consultants are very experienced in supply chain management. This is combined with the sharpest mathematicians and analysts with the state of the art tools, who provide quantitative analytics.

Most important is that we help you implement what we recommend, to insure the highest positive impact. Experience - Analytics - Implementation. Plans, coordinates, and conducts assigned detailed surveys and investigations related to recognition, evaluation and formulation of controls for occupational health hazards. Participates in surveys of worksites throughout a medical region or a large, complex facility to identify and evaluate the potential for excessive exposure to toxic materials and harmful physical agents found in the workplace.

For some of the materials evaluated, there is little information available on the nature and extent of hazard. The following is a detailed listed of day-to-day activities: Contacts facility and plant management to conduct pre-survey briefing and coordinate operational activities with scheduled field visits. Observes workplaces, frequently accompanied by management, supervisory, and safety representatives, to determine the types of agents and controls involved, and nature of the problem, and the number and type of environmental samples or measurements to be collected, or instrumental measurements to be made. Discusses occupational medical conditions with staff physicians and interviews employees referred by them for consultation to identify adverse symptomatology and/or potential etiology.

Conducts and/or directs industrial hygiene sampling. This generally involves attaching personal sampling devices to employees and observing them during sampling; collecting area samples and making appropriate instrumental measurements in fulfilling survey strategy. After the laboratory completes analysis of samples and reports results, employee writes preliminary and final reports which include findings, evaluations, and specific recommendations for control of hazardous conditions. Participates in educational program designed to inform management, supervisors, and employees of potential hazardous exposures, applicable directives, latest control techniques, and general occupational health matters.

Assists facility management in the development and review of training plans, including planning courses to meet specific and general needs. Furnishes technical consultation and advice on occupational health problems to management, supervisors, and employee groups at a large facility or at several smaller activities throughout the region, which includes suggesting solutions to specific problems, including follow-on guidance and assistance toward implementation. Prepares guides for using specific materials and reviews management drafts of processes, procedures and instructions with respect to adequacy of treatment of health hazards. Makes hazard evaluation of new products introduced at supported activities for determining health hazard assignment and recommends rejection, substitution, or unique controls, as appropriate, of items proposed for procurement including those which contain prohibited or highly toxic materials posing severe health hazards.

Advises management personnel, line supervisors and employees on industrial hygiene matters. Serves as a witness to give expert testimony in court or before administrative boards on matters concerning industrial hygiene, as required. Also serves as permanent consulting member on management boards/committees to advise on industrial hygiene. At the request of the Office of Workers Compensation Programs, reviews claimants work histories to find information related to claims and investigates occupational medical conditions referred by physician.

Performs certain laboratory analysis of chemical agents and measurements of physical phenomena, as assigned. Evaluates adequacy of controls for health hazards in initial and final plans and specifications for facility construction, alteration and repair, as well as modification or relocation of processes. Makes appropriate recommendations for correcting deficiencies. Provides advice regarding health hazard controls to facilities engineers and to contractor engineers during design phases, or in resolving areas of disagreement.

Consults extensively with various scientific and other Federal agency experts in coordinating techniques and gathering information concerning evolving technology, particularly with respect to occupational carcinogens, mutagens, or teratogens. Basic Qualifications: 0-2 years of experience conducting industrial hygiene assessments in similar environments. Professional knowledge of industrial hygiene concepts, principles, and practices which enable the employee to carry out health hazard evaluations of a wide variety of industrial worksites which are characterized by complex work processes, chemical compounds including those for which reliable standards do not exist, and complications in hazard evaluation resulting from synergistic effects. Knowledge of industrial hygiene control criteria measures.

Skill in the use of the full range of industrial hygiene sampling techniques and instrumentation; skill in technical report writing. Effective communication and problem solving skills. Our logistics consultants are hands-on, fact-based and focused on delivering results. The reduction of the logistics costs is always combined with efforts to improve the customer service level.

The service level usually improves with better control and a structured approach to get the fundamental prerequisites right. The results can also be in the form of shorter response time, risk reduction, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions or higher picking accuracy.