Traffic Signal Supervisor

American Lighting & Signalization, LLC - San Angelo, TX


We are currently seeking an Intelligent Transportation Systems / Traffic Signal Supervisor to join the American Lighting and Signalization, Inc. team in the ITS / Traffic Signal Maintenance and Construction Department.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and maintain a high standard of work with minimal supervision. He/She will be a creative team player with the ability to problem solve. The candidate must have good communication and organizational skills with the ability to prioritize. He/She must always provide excellent customer service and be decisive with a good sense of judgment.

We offer excellent opportunities for career oriented individuals who want to be a part of our team. Our goal is to provide a safe work environment for all of our employees to perform quality work with our many clients. We offer an excellent compensation package that includes a competitive benefits package, paid holidays, and paid vacation. Flame Retardant clothing is provided for all employees at no cost to them.

We offer year round employment with a company that values the team approach toward building quality projects. If you are looking for your next career advancement and are a goal oriented person that wants to work for a company that values safety and appreciates good employees, please apply today.


  • Supervises the testing, maintenance, installation and operation of an ITS and/or Traffic Signal System. (10%)
  • Supervises the installation and maintenance of CCTV, DMS, Fiber Optic Infrastructures and devices, networks, and systems. (20%)
  • Charged with the financial management involving operations, administrative systems and procedures development, program and project development and implementation. (10%)
  • Advises and instructs subordinate Working Forepersons, Technicians and Subcontractors. (20%)
  • Performs standard safety inspections during installations and maintenance activities to ensure all equipment and personnel on projects adhere to prescribed safety rules and regulations. (25%)
  • Ensures ITS and Traffic Signal elements are maintained per the customers protocol. (10%)
  • Performs other related job duties as required. (5%)


Employee must possess knowledge of the following:

  • On-the-job safety practices and accident prevention
  • Electronic technician skills
  • Advanced Electrical troubleshooting
  • Advanced preventive maintenance of ITS and Traffic Signal components
  • Entry and data collection for required systems
  • Customer service principles, guidelines and concepts
  • Principles of effective human relations and dealing with the public
  • Time and attendance policies and procedures
  • Environmental principles, concepts and practices
  • Industrial standards and specifications
  • Meaning of common English words
  • Traffic maintenance, signals, and signs
  • Customer specifications for installation and maintenance of ITS and Traffic Signal elements
  • Advanced ITS and Traffic Signal Systems troubleshooting skills
  • Management and leadership

Employee must have skill in the following:

  • Working with new material or information to grasp its implications
  • Familiar with Ohio Department of Transportation Specifications
  • Operation of machines, electrical systems and tools as needed
  • Equipment selection to determine the kinds of tools and equipment needed to do job

Employee must have the ability to perform the following:

  • Use light equipment, hand and power tools safely
  • Troubleshoot and repair ITS and Traffic Signal electronic components
  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical
  • Troubleshoot and repair CCTV cameras
  • Mobile, manual dexterity and satisfactory vision due to working in close proximity to moving traffic
  • Practice on-the-job safety and accident prevention
  • Basic computer skills to include Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
  • Maintain equipment
  • Determine the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job
  • Obtain and see to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work
  • Collect and organize information
  • Work in groups in a way that encourage participation
  • Troubleshoot electrical and electronic problems
  • Inspect traffic control work zones for deficiencies
  • Leadership skills


  • Class A CDL driver’s license (preferred or must obtain within six months of hire date)
  • IMSA Signal Technician II Certification (preferred or must obtain within six months of hire date )


  • An associate degree in electronics and five (5) years of experience directly related to the area of employment or a high school diploma and seven (7) years of experience directly related to the area of employment or an acceptable equivalent.
  • Must maintain a high standard of work with minimal supervision.
  • Must have the ability to think creatively and problem solve.
  • Must have good organizational skills and be able to prioritize.
  • Must be a team player.
  • Must provide excellent customer service.
  • Must be decisive and have a good sense of judgment.
  • Due to the inherently dangerous nature of the industry and the requirements to work with or around hazardous equipment, employees must be able to maintain attention and concentration for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to inspect/wear necessary PPE as necessary.
  • Must be able to safely drive an approved company vehicle.
  • Must be able to enter and exit a vehicle numerous times a day.
  • Must be able to withstand exposure to all kinds of weather while completing work assignments, i.e., rain, heat, sun, cold.
  • Must be able to traverse various terrains.
  • Must be able to write, read and comprehend written and verbal job instructions/information.
  • Must possess strong communication skills both written and spoken.
  • Must be able to communicate and handle confrontations professionally.
  • Must have transportation to and from the show up location.
  • Must be able to maintain attention during dangerous tasks.
  • Must be able to lift, move and maneuver 50 pounds or more on a frequent basis.
  • Must have endurance necessary to perform these duties throughout a standard eight or ten hour day. Must be able to work long hours and overtime during emergencies (including holidays, weekends, etc. Subject to call out work).
  • Must have sufficient eyesight to judge distances and coordination to get and use the appropriate equipment and tools.
  • Must be able to install poles and anchors.
  • Must be capable of working from heights or in confined spaces.
  • Must have proven understanding of trenching and shoring.
  • Must have proven understanding of basic rigging, hand lines, and knot tying.
  • Must be able to operate and service all required tools and equipment.(i.e., backhoe, boring machine, excavator, trencher)
  • Must be willing to travel out of state for emergency storm work.
  • Must be willing to travel within the State of Texas as needed.
  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen.
  • Must be able to pass a background check.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • The function or duties of the position include protecting and maintaining the privacy of employee personnel records, including compensation information.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Electrical Supervision: 5 years (Required)