Epistemologically-Inclined Inferential Analyst (Informational Interpretation)

The Hexagon Lavish - Atlanta, GA (30+ days ago)

Job Description

Do you have a knack for creating the parallels between the human experience and nature itself? Most likely not, however, don't let that get you down. Instead, get down with us.

Hexagon Lavish® currently has a full-time/permanent position for an individual whose specialty is to self-engage in the fertile grounds of I.I. (informational interpretation) and inferential analytics in order to construct the principles upon which software is developed and implemented. Hexagon Lavish® is looking for an Epistemologically-Inclined Informational Interpretation Inferential Analyst that can draw-up the parallels between intuitive, human-leveled interpretation and environmental-definitions that are devoid of "social influence".

The ideal candidate will not be held with the responsibility of incorporating "an understanding of humanity" since the essential goal is to include inferential analytics into the ecosystem of the informational interpretation software, PIR: Premier Information Retrieval. This position is not charged with the impetus of concluding a mutual agreement between the varying camps of thought in the realm of informational interpretation but rather stamp discovery and multiple purposes by which it's applied and implemented for industrial utility.

This position rests amongst the top informational intelligence capacities associated with Hexagon Lavish®, so candidates must be in the company of the most intriguing and compelling minds in the informational software guild. Qualifications

Construct algorithmic processes that are not orchestrated on the predicates of "prediction" but can be based off of observant and analogous situations

Ensure that algorithms are intelligently-designed to implement Bayesian inferences that will "logically make a decision" on behalf of the individual user

Produce effective results in regards to utiity of self-correcting algorithms

Ability to make evident of quick adaption of post-deep learning inclusivity in PIR's functionality

Lay the groundwork upon which "common ground" can be established between "machine intelligence" and the human experience and not be disruptive for either party

Explore and implement probable epistemological interoperabilities into the PIR ecosystem

Substantial depth in "machine learning" and informational intelligence sub-fields that are not limited to regression analysis, time-series analysis, classification expansion, active learning, clustering or alpha extraction

MS or PhD (preferred) in Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science or Mathematics in addition to seven (7) years working in an industrial capacity

Additional Information

Essential Job Functions

8-15 years of exquisite and applied mathematical contribution to scientific endeavors
8+ years of supervisory experience in a complex, multi-site environment high-tech/scientific R&D organization
7 years of developing a creative footprint in contrast to a "technical record"
A posteriori knowledge in numerical observations stemming from a non-theoretical origin
Results-oriented; able to comprehend scientific requirements and provides solutions in a rapidly changing environment and growth-oriented organization
Experience in creating and managing external partner relationships
Exceptional developmental and strategic planning skills

Other Essential Job Functions

Sound decision-maker
Establish effectiveness as a mentor
Strong analytical skills; experience interpreting strategic plans and changes in how services are delivered into a long-term sustainable operating model
Excellent relationship-building skills with an ability to communicate and work effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders

Other Skills/Abilities

Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in written form
Fluent in English (and other languages)
Strong interpersonal skills
Ability to anticipate, manage and respond to legal and business needs as necessary
Harbor the ability to work well with people and be able to work efficiently and effectively a an integral part of an interdisciplinary team
Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity, trustworthiness, respect for others and the ability to deal appropriately with confidential and sensitive information
Must demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of the Hexagon Lavish® mission, vision and values

Hexagon Lavish® is an equal opportunity employer.