Computational Physicist

Modern Electron - Bellevue, WA (30+ days ago)

Modern Electron has an immediate opening for a Computational Physicist. A highly qualified Computational Physicist is needed to work on the product R&D team, and will be responsible for simulation and design of electronic devices using the company’s groundbreaking technology and processes. Particular focus will be on developing and applying advanced computational methods and tools for electron beam dynamics simulations, and studying the interaction of low-energy vacuum electrons and ions with nanoscale device architectures. You will work with a team of physicists, chemists, material scientists, electrical engineers, and technicians.

Modern Electron is a start-up company dedicated to generating cheap, modular, and reliable electricity for all. Expensive mechanical engines and turbines based on 19th-century technology still generate the majority of the power used worldwide. We seek to replace them with paper thin heat-to-electricity generators. >$20MM venture capital is committed to our vision. We have enormous potential for learning, impact, and growth in a small and collaborative team setting. We value our ability to move fast to outpace larger companies and achieve what they cannot.

  • Ph.D. in Physics or related field
  • Significant experience with first-principles simulation of physical dynamical systems bridging multiple length and time scales. Relevant application areas include: plasma physics, accelerator physics, charged particle optics, surface science, soft and condensed matter physics
  • Graduate-level mastery and analytical proficiency in classical electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics
  • Software development experience for computational physics packages, including routine familiarity with Python and numerical methods
  • Significant experience designing and quantitatively modeling experiments which probe complex physical systems, collaborating with experimental physicists and engineers, and statistically analyzing large experimental datasets
  • Experience with particle-in-cell or electron beam dynamics simulations
  • Experience solving non-convex optimization, batch optimization, or inverse design problems in high-dimensional spaces
  • Proficiency in parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP), developing GPU optimized scientific algorithms (CUDA, OpenCL), and cloud computing (AWS)
  • Deep subject matter expertise in plasma physics, electron optics, or electron-surface interactions
  • Experience developing scientific software in C/C++ or FORTRAN
We are an equal opportunity employer