Lead Web UI/Application Software Engineer - AJAX JavaScript HTML CSS

SearchTech Consulting, Inc - San Mateo, CA

Company-Technology: Our client is a bay area based, private successful cloud solution provider company offering both products/technology and professional services that help enterprises accelerate their adoption of cloud applications and platforms. Essentially it is a "Cloud framework and applications" which bring together multiple cloud sources. Wide range of customers as well as companies that use their products to connect and extend cloud platforms. With over 2500 customers, they have a proven track record of implementing, building and managing mission-critical cloud solutions and developing innovative products on cloud platforms such as salesforce.com, Google Apps, and Amazon Web Services. From offices in the U.S. and Japan, this company serves a wide range of companies. Our client was founded in 2006, is the fastest growing partner of salesforce.com and Google, and is backed by Sequoia Capital and GGV Capital. Their innovation and expertise has been recognized by BusinessWeek as one of America's Most Promising Startups and by AlwaysOn as 2010 On-Demand Company of the Year. They are financially strong and Plan for IPO or acquisition 2012-2013.


Our client's "Cloud framework and applications" for Salesforce & Google: Salesforce.com has made it a lot easier to manage customer information, but many sales people still spend their day in email and calendar. This means that the quality of customer information suffers because its not current, and the entire sales team is deprived of valuable business context.

Solution: Bring Salesforce inside your Google Apps: Our client's "Cloud framework and applications" brings sales people contextual customer information from Salesforce CRM into the Google communication and collaboration tools they use every day, allowing action to be taken then and there. The result is better decisions and better results, while increasing the usage and value of your investment in Salesforce.

CRM from your Gmail: When you get an email from a customer or prospect, their "Cloud framework and applications" shows you details from the related contact or lead, including the related Account, Opportunity, Campaigns, Cases and all the related chatter. You can record that email in Salesforce, create a task, or contribute to the chatter stream, right from the bottom of your message. And if that contact doesnt exist in your system? Add it with a few clicks.
CRM from your Google Calendar: When you have an upcoming meeting with a customer or prospect, this "Cloud framework and applications" shows you details for related contacts, accounts, opportunities, and cases. And if the meeting isnt yet in salesforce.com, you can add and associate it with a few clicks.
CRM from your Google sidebar: Type-ahead search for common CRM actions right from your Gmail sidebar, along with your chatter feed, providing a single inbox to work from.
These solutions are powered by our client's "Cloud framework and applications" cloud broker technology. By using this technology as a foundation, enterprises get an extensible solution delivered as a service that is easy to deploy alongside any existing Salesforce CRM environment.

This "Cloud framework and applications" technology is ready to be used as part of companies Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud out of the box.

Examples of how this "Cloud Framework and Application" technology is used: Customer uses google gmail for email, and also uses salesforce.com for CRM and other functions.

Problem: Some types of users (for example, salespeople), are notorious for not wanting to use anything but email. It's always hard to get them to adopt to new technology - they want to just use what they know - email.

Solution from our client: They build 'Google opensocial gadgets' that integrate Salesforce data into gmail. This would allow, for example, a salesperson to see open sales opportunities of a contact from a customer sent them an email. They would open an email, and the out client's technology- 'gadget' would show a panel with the opportunities from that contact/company. The salesperson could modify the opportunity (add an event, change the amount, change the probability of close) from within email and never go to the Salesforce UI.

Part of this "Cloud Framework and Application" is building 'packaged' applications like this.

Another part to the solution is an admin 'framework' that lets admins of a company setup the 'gadgets' - add users, assign which gadgets get seen by which users, etc. The admin console also lets developers working for our customers to develop their own gadgets, so it's a 'development' platform as well.

Our client are also working on integrating Jive data into Gmail using the same technology, and are in talks with many other partners to do similar things.

The product/vision: The 'bigger' vision is to build a set of standard apps and a development environment that lets customer take data from data sources and use it in contextual applications. The current product does this for data from Salesforce or Jive, displaying that data in google/gmail (we currently display inside gmail, but we will be including things like google docs, google sites, etc.). If you read an email sent from someone who is a customer, we could show an app that gives that customer's current opportunity. If you read an email sent from someone inside the company (let's say internal support) we can show a Salesforce 'case' app that lets you update information about the case from gmail. So - the app which we will use is based on the 'context' of the email. We allow rules to be written which control the app that will be used.

Our client has strong interest from many other ISV's to become part of this "Cloud framework and applications", some of the projects for these positions would be to integrate other data sources and build up the platform to support them. The goal is to grow to a more product company and have professional services as Lead Gen for the products. Goal is to add 100K+ users.

Team and culture: The culture is a true team player & collaborative working style. This team is not a 'quiet' technical type - they're outgoing, want to work together and collaborate, want to explore new technology, and want to work in a 'fun' environment. This product team currently is a small team of 7-8 and will be growing up to 12.


Lead Web UI/App SW Eng, Javascript ("Cloud framework and applications" product). Multiple positions, Lead and Mid to Sr.

Our Client is seeking a talented, experienced and highly Lead Software Engineer for our "Cloud framework and applications" product line. The Lead Software Engineer will be responsible for design and development of browser-based applications and frameworks to support them, working in collaboration with our "Cloud Framework/Application" product server engineers. This person will be "Building opensocial applications using JavaScript/jQuery, integrating with popular cloud-based backend systems to build applications". The successful candidate must have solid JavaScript design and development experience.

Specific duties include:
? Develop rich client functionality leveraging AJAX JavaScript using jQuery and other libraries/UI frameworks.

? Work with backend developers on the semantics and requirements for backend APIs.

? Integrate server and client-side web site functionality

? BS in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent

? Excellent JavaScript experience (ideally including experience with AJAX, jQuery, json)

? Strong experience with industry standard JavaScript libraries, e.g., jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, etc.

? A demonstrated proficiency in coding to web standards/best practices with portfolio examples

? Strong experience in HTML and CSS

? Familiarity and interest in emerging standards, e.g., HTML5

? Experience in opensocial applications is a big plus

? A comfort level working in a team environment including speaking about your work

? Diverse knowledge base of front end related technologies and real world experience across multiple platforms

? An understanding of the subtleties of cross browser compatibility and experience with cross browser testing - IE 7 through 9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

? Self management, high level communication skills, commitment to excellence, and a professional attitude

? Must be based at the HQ location in San Mateo

Additional Qualifying Notes: The qualified candidate has to have strong Javascript/Jquery plus other UI frameworks. Strong problem-solving skills. Strong computer-science fundamentals. Nice-to-have : Experience building "enterprise" apps and java.

Please send resume responese as a MS Word doc to: 32714-MH1234@apply.maxhire.net