Professional Nutrition Scanner Operator

Peterson Holistic Services - Urbandale, IA

ContractEstimated: $36,000 - $51,000 a year
This is your opportunity to join the preventative health revolution!

This opportunity is directed toward doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches and personal trainers. However, if you are passionate about health and wellness and believe in the role that nutrition plays in the prevention of discomfort and disease then this opportunity may be for you!

This opportunity includes

The S3 Biophotonic Scanner

A Revolutionary Technology used to measure an individual's nutritional health

Commissioned by the National Institute of Health (NIH)

Backed by a 10 year Yale study validating the reading as a bio-marker of personal health

Direct training and support from:
Peterson Holistic Services

Effective and compassionate health and wellness advising

Coaching to uncover your personal strengths and develop your personal story

Space to talk to individual clients and prospects (if in Des Moines Metro)

HPCN Alliance

Top quality leadership training

Advice on building a profitable organization

Duties include

Contacting Health and Wellness providers about the importance of integrating this technology into their practice.

Hosting public and corporate events to raise awareness about the importance of nutritional health

Participating in leadership and business building calls, webinars, and events

Helpful Qualities

Good interpersonal skills

Passion for Health and wellness

Willingness to learn

Motivated to achieve financial freedom

Compassionate nature

Willingness to speak in public

Team player

This is a direct marketing opportunity. Compensation is directly correlated to your commitment, consistency, and willingness to take advantage of the tools for success that your support team provides. We guarantee you will receive all of the guidance that you need to build a very profitable organization of your own. And all to forward a cause that we can all believe in!

There are 5 spots available to join us for no initial investment. We will be contacting prospects as resumes come in so don’t delay!

For those ready to hit the ground running, ready to build your organization quickly, there is an small investment to receive all of the tools you will need to propel you forward.

We are looking forward to having YOU on the team!